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Santa Monica College|Academic Programs|Supplemental Instruction|What is an SI Leader?|Job Description

Job Description


Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders facilitate out-of-class interactive study sessions to help students learn course concepts, prepare for exams, and learn effective study skills. The SI Program is an academic assistance program that hires SMC students to facilitate out-of-class, peer-facilitated study sessions to help students succeed in selected science classes. SI Leaders facilitate sessions to help students learn course concepts, learn effective study skills, and prepare for exams. 

SI Leaders are paid $10.00 per hour and work approximately 10 to 15 hours a week per class. They can work up to 20 hours a week and will be paid for their time spent in the SI class, SI sessions, professor and staff meetings, training sessions and time spent on session preparation. ​


Class Sessions

  • Attend all class sessions.
  • Take lecture notes at every class session. Make note of professor’s expectations and methods.
  • Take at least the first class exam to learn the professor’s exam style.    
  • Assist students during class learning activities.
  •  Serve as a “model student” by being punctual, attending every class session, sitting in the front of the classroom, paying attention to class lectures, not leaving class early, and having a positive attitude toward subject matter and academic excellence.  
  •  Build rapport with all students in class to encourage them to participate in the SI sessions.
  •  Promote SI in the classroom at least once a week (e.g., class announcements, handouts, posters, flyers, etc.).
   Outside of Class Sessions:  Read and review all assigned course material. 

SI Sessions

  • Conduct two to three SI sessions a week. Hold marathon SI sessions or extra sessions when needed.
  • Create and administer mock or practice exams/essays.  
  • Integrate the review of lecture notes, textbook readings, and supplemental materials in SI sessions.
  • Embed learning strategies to help students learn “how to learn” along with “what to learn.”  
  • Present collaborative learning strategies to create an active learning environment for student participants.
  • Engage students in collaborative activities that reinforce course content and teach effective academic study skills.
  • Help students refine study/learning skills such as note taking, test preparation, problem solving, test taking strategies, etc.
  • Take attendance at every SI session.

Professor Weekly Meetings

  • Meet with professor at least once every two weeks to discuss the lecture content, textbook readings, homework assignments, upcoming exams/quizzes, and proposed SI session activities/worksheets.
  • Give professor feedback on concepts that students who participate in SI sessions are having a difficult time understanding.  


  • Submit weekly required paperwork (e.g., timesheets, attendance sheets, session plans, etc.) to the SI Project Manager.
  • Attend all required SI training sessions and staff meetings. (Please note: Training sessions and Staff meetings take place on Fridays & Saturdays)