SI Leader Responsibilities

Class Sessions

  • Attend all class sessions.
  • Take lecture notes at every class session. Make note of professor’s expectations and methods.
  • Take at least the first class exam to learn the professor’s exam style.    
  • Assist students during class learning activities.
  •  Serve as a “model student” by being punctual, attending every class session, sitting in the front of the classroom, paying attention to class lectures, not leaving class early, and having a positive attitude toward subject matter and academic excellence.  
  •  Build rapport with all students in class to encourage them to participate in the SI sessions.
  •  Promote SI in the classroom at least once a week (e.g., class announcements, handouts, posters, flyers, etc.).
   Outside of Class Sessions:  Read and review all assigned course material. 

SI Sessions

  • Conduct two to three SI sessions a week. Hold marathon SI sessions or extra sessions when needed.
  • Create and administer mock or practice exams/essays.  
  • Integrate the review of lecture notes, textbook readings, and supplemental materials in SI sessions.
  • Embed learning strategies to help students learn “how to learn” along with “what to learn.”  
  • Present collaborative learning strategies to create an active learning environment for student participants.
  • Engage students in collaborative activities that reinforce course content and teach effective academic study skills.
  • Help students refine study/learning skills such as note taking, test preparation, problem solving, test taking strategies, etc.
  • Take attendance at every SI session.

Professor Weekly Meetings

  • Meet with professor at least once every two weeks to discuss the lecture content, textbook readings, homework assignments, upcoming exams/quizzes, and proposed SI session activities/worksheets.
  • Give professor feedback on concepts that students who participate in SI sessions are having a difficult time understanding.  


  • Submit weekly required paperwork (e.g., timesheets, attendance sheets, session plans, etc.) to the SI Project Manager.
  • Attend all required SI training sessions and staff meetings.