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Santa Monica College|Pete and Susan Barrett Art Gallery|History and Information

History and Information


The Pete & Susan Barrett Art Gallery is an important resource for both students and the community, exposing visitors to a wide range of contemporary art. Our gallery has a culturally varied program of exhibits that range from California artists, to international exhibits, including the annual student and faculty shows. Providing a valuable teaching tool for the faculty as well as a forum for hosting guest speakers in the arts. It also gives students a first experience in exhibiting their own art.

The gallery is part of SMC’s long history of excellence in preparing students for careers in the visual and performing arts, whether it is for professions in the entertainment industry, fine arts, dance, theater, music or photography. Each of these departments has many gifted alumni that have gone on to successful careers in the arts.

Pete & Susan Barrett Art Gallery • Fall 2015

Ann Page, Recent Sculptures & Drawings

When looking 'purely' at what passes across my visual field I see that, formally speaking, it is not broken down into visual categories of two-dimensional illusion and three-dimensional forms, or color versus chiaroscuro, or concept versus object, or expression versus pure physicality, but that it is a simultaneous and changing, intersecting and interdependent, overlapping, non-isolatable orchestrated phenomenon in process. The illusory exists within the three- dimensional, color and form coincide in light, the concept rests within the object and the expression is the pure quality and essence of that segment of orchestration in relation to our own thought patterns. We can see/understand only one visual/mental degree at a time, but within each degree is everything.

I have always been interested in the layers that exist in any given moment and I have also been interested in the natural orders of organic growth. In Peter S Stevens book "Patterns in Nature" he states that there are patterns that exist and repeat themselves in both the micro and macrocosmic.

Each thing, even though it follows a template, a pattern, or a plan, changes as that plan intersects with the elements that allow it to grow. I wanted that to happen in my own work.

Ann Page. 2015

Conglomerate Mini Sculptures 

Sculpture: Conglomerate Mini Sculptures
3D modeled & printed objects, ABS Plastic & Gypsum Powder, assembled into one piece

Rhizome & Conglomerate Study 

Drawings: Rhizome & Conglomerate Study - Mixed media, multi-layered drawings

September 1 to October 10, 2015
Reception: Friday, September 11, 6-8pm
Presentation Lecture: Broad Theater, Friday, September 11, 5pm

Southern California Abstraction Now

Peter Alexander, Hilary Baker, Larry Bell, Jack Chipman, John Eden, Sam Erenberg, Sheldon Figoten, Betsy Lohrer Hall, Charles Christopher Hill, Linda King, Lies Kraal, David Mackenzie, Robin Mitchell, and Maggie Tennesen

Curators Sheldon Figoten and Jack Chipman have selected a group of artists whose talent and skill have contributed to a resurgence of abstract art being made in Southern California.

October 27 to December 5, 2015
Reception • Saturday, October 24, 6 - 8pm
Art Gallery Tour • Saturday, November 7, 3pm

Sheldon Figoten: Painting 

Sheldon Figoten: Painting 1/27/15 (A)

Jack Chipman The Wedge/Roots 

Jack Chipman: Painting- The Wedge/Roots

Holiday Art Sale 

Holiday Art Sale

Here’s your once-a-year chance to buy some truly unique works of art—prints, ceramics, jewelry, and more created by SMC art students—to keep for yourself or to give as gifts this holiday season.

Fri & Sat, December 11 & 12 | 10am-9pm
Sun, December 13 | 12pm-6pm

Barrett Art Gallery | SMC Performing Arts Center

Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center

Pete & Susan Barrett Art Gallery

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