The Santa Monica College Pete and Susan Barrett Art Gallery opened at its new location, in 2000, as part of the new Performing Arts Center, to include the Broad Theater, Edye Second Space, the East Wing Performance Space and the Music Department.  The new location and design of the SMC Barrett Art Gallery has created a dynamic space for exhibiting art.

Our mission for the Pete & Susan Barrett Art Gallery is to present a global approach to art making that generates an interest in both new and established concepts of art for a diverse population of students and community. The Santa Monica College Pete and Susan Barrett Art gallery continues to be an important resource and viable teaching tool for faculty, students, and community alike.

StudioEleven at Work.png

StudioEleven at Work​ 

In 2014, a group of independent artists who worked and studied at artist Tom Wudl's Los Angeles studio formed StudioEleven to support each other by extending their work through exhibitions, educational experiences, and continuing conversations.  

"StudioEleven at Work" is the most current example of the StudioEleven experience and reflects the shared philosophical interests of the Wudl studio and artists who work there. This exhibition highlights the diversity of processes and ideas that motivate every individual artist. Yet there is, as author Patrick Frank writes in the catalogue essay, "…a common trait running through many of the works on view here; I would describe it as thoughtful elaboration… a search carried out reflectively, testing step by step while considering the process and the results." 

The name "StudioEleven" originated at the location of StudioEleven Art Gallery, which the artists operated on the 11th floor, at Maker City Los Angeles. From September 2014 through May 2015, StudioEleven members curated and presented monthly themed exhibitions that featured members' artwork at the gallery. StudioEleven has also exhibited at a variety of spaces in the Los Angeles area including ArtShare LA (2014), the Colburn School of Performing Arts (2015 - 2016), the Ebell of Los Angeles (2016) and the Neutra Institute Museum and Gallery (20