Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide a clean, safe and asethetically pleasing environment for all students and staff at SMC in accordance with the College's mission and vision, and in alignment with SMC’s institutional goals.

About Us

The Grounds Department cleans and maintains all landscape, hardscape and parking lots. The goal of the department is to support the colleges’ mission by providing clean, safe and sustainable learning environments.

Our charge is to provide a safe environment by keeping the campuses litter free, removing any trip hazards, maintaining healthy trees that are properly trimmed and laced, keeping pests/insects at bay and maintaining the integrity of campus buildings by removing all leaves and debris from roofs and gutters.

Who We Are

The Grounds department consists of a Supervisor, one Irrigation specialist, three Gardener Equipment Operators and eight Groundskeeper Gardeners.


(310) 434-4378​