Green World LogoMission Statement

It is our mission to provide a clean, safe, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable environment for all students and staff at SMC in accordance with the College's mission and vision, and in alignment with SMC’s institutional goals.

About Us

The Recycling department collects SMC’s discarded items enabling them to be used as resources for new products thereby diverting the material from becoming waste and entering the landfill.

Our goal supports the college's mission of providing a sustainable learning environment where students learn the value of the earth’s resources by recycling and vermicomposting and their contributions to the global community.

Our overarching charge is maintaining compliance with AB 75 and SB 1016 by maintaining a minimum diversion of 50% of all generated waste from the landfills. This includes paper, cardboard, food waste, bottles and cans, old computers, and construction and demolition materials from construction projects.

Who We Are

The Recycling Program consists of a Supervisor, a Recycling Program Specialist and a staff of student workers. The number of student workers numbers from one to seven, depending on the time of year and the number of students looking for work.


(310) 434-3909