ThePurchasing Requisition Form.pdf (PRF) is an electronic document that is used to identify the need to procure goods and/or services. The form is an internal document th at will be initiated by the individual requestor and sent through the appropriate transaction & approval levels to be further processed (please see the Procurement Transaction Levels & Authority Grids page).

Completed Requisitions should be forwarded to the Fiscal Services department along with any supporting materials or documentation.

In brief, the steps are as follows:

  1. The requestor contacts the commodity buyer for pricing, if necessary;
  2. A Purchase Requisition Form is filled out;
  3. The requestor obtains required department signatures (i.e. Supervisor/Department Head, Administrator, Vice President) and is then forwarded to Fiscal Services and it's run through the final approvals.

The forms needed to start the process are available under the Documents panel on the right. For more information on the steps that follow or to view the complete process workflow, see the tabs below.

Identify Buyer Commodity

To request information on the type of product you need to include on your purchase requisition, you will first need to identify the type of product/service (or commodity) you need and contact the buyer assigned to that commodity. You can also find this on Identify Commodity Buyer.

*PDF version is also available here: PDF FileIdentifying Buyer Commodity.

You can find the Buyer’s e-mail information on the Contact Us page to send an email with your request (see sample e-mails). Please make sure to add as many details as possible.

Faculty Inquiry

Sample of Email with a faculty question

Buyer Response

Sample respose from the buyer