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Announcements: Fiscal Year End Updates


Fiscal Year End Updates




Fiscal Year End is around the corner and we would like to remind you of some helpful tips and provide answers to some frequently asked questions. For more information, please visit us at or contact us at x4304.


When can I start submitting my FY ‘15-16 requisitions?
Submit the requisitions you need after May 14, 2015 for orders that need to be placed beginning July 1st. If you don’t need to order until August or September, submit your requisitions in early August or September. Please remember that this is the busiest time of year for us and not everyone needs to begin ordering July 1st. 
When is the last day to order office supplies?
June 10th; your Blanket Purchase Order is valid until that date. Some items may be on backorder, so don’t wait until the last minute. Items not received before the invoice deadline, will not be paid in this fiscal year. Please plan ahead if you need to order anything that you need through August.
Who can I call to get a status of my requisition?
All requisitions for FY 15-16 will be released July 1st. Please allow 1-2 weeks from the release date to contact the assigned commodity Buyer to obtain a status of your requisition. If you are not familiar with which Buyer handles what commodity, please visit our website to view our Buyer Assignments at
How do I know if my order has been received?
Please contact your commodity Buyer on your standard orders. If you have placed an order on a Blanket Purchase order, please contact the Warehouse.
Where can I get more information on how to fill out my requisition or how to order?
Please visit our Faculty and Staff Resources page on our website at If you have additional questions, please email us at or contact us directly at x4304.
Helpful Tips
  • Please do not send a copy of last year’s Purchase Order attached to the Purchase Requisition. You may reference last year’s PO#, but we do not need a hard copy.

  • An electronic copy of the Purchase Order will be emailed to the Requestor and approving Manager/V.P. on the Purchase Requisition. If you need additional staff emailed, please indicate and add their name in the Notes/Comments section of the requisition.

  • You can prepare one requisition with multiple Blanket Orders- we do not need one Requisition for each different supplier. Simply add the supplier name and account string information on each line item description or indicate in the notes section.

  • Always visit our website to ensure you have the most recent announcements, updates and forms. 

  • Depending on the commodity, some items normally have a long lead time (i.e. furniture, specialty items). Please contact your Buyer ahead of time to back schedule your orders.

  • If you are having any issues with a supplier’s performance, please notify the buyer to assist you.

  • A BPO (Blanket Purchase Order) is a contract document issued to a supplier to order stocked items over the course of a fiscal year. A BPO should have at minimum, one transaction per month. All other orders will be issued as standard purchase orders.

  • To avoid delays in processing your Purchase Requisitions, please make sure your font is 9 pt., or larger. If you require more room for a description, please use the Standard Comments/Notes section or the additional Notes section on the second page. If you still need more room, please attach the information to your Purchase Requisition or email us at and reference your Requisition number.




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