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Santa Monica College|Business Services|Purchasing|Buyer Assignments

Buyer Assignments


The term "Commodity" is used solely to refer to categories, groups of supplies or services. The success of commodity-based strategies is based on maximizing the cost reduction advantages by leveraging combined buying power for volume discounts, using market experts to formulate a sourcing strategy, and finally, forming strong relationships with preferred suppliers.

With commodity-based purchasing, this will allow SMC the following advantages:

  • Gain valuable knowledge and expertise to better leverage purchasing power;
  • to build and form stronger supplier relationships that take advantage of current market conditions;
  • To seek out pre-negotiated contracts with other public agencies to achieve the most variable terms, conditions and pricing.

As we work to reorganize a commodity-based strategy, we will keep the Campus informed of the new assignments for each Buyer.

The list below is a guide to contact the assigned Buyer for each commodity. If you have any questions regarding any specific commodity, please contact our main line at (310) 434-4304 or email us at



























Commodity Buyer Ext.

​Acoustical Tile, Insulating Materials and Supplies

Sandy Franke 4509
​Advertising ​​Rebecca Sprigg ​4280
Affiliation Agreements Nyla Cotton 4495
​Agricultural Equipment/Landscape (Nursery stock, Equipment and Accessories, Soils, Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners, Irrigation System Maintenance) Sherri Himelstein 4494
​Air Conditioning and Heating Repairs, Filters, Compressors, Accessories Nyla Cotton 4495
Appliances & Equipment Household Type Rebecca Sprigg 4539
Architect/Engineer Contract Review, Services Nyla Cotton 4495
Art Supplies and Equipment Rebecca Sprigg 4280
Asphalt, Hot and Cold Mix Nyla Cotton 4495
Athletic Equipment, Supplies and Related Apparel Nyla Cotton 4495
Audio Visual Equipment, supplies, and related apparel Sandy Franke 4509
Audit Services Nyla Cotton 4495
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​Blueprint Services Nyla Cotton 4495
​Bond Program Encumbrances
​Nyla Cotton ​4495
​Book Binding Rebecca Sprigg 4280
Books/Periodicals (DVD’s), Subscriptions Rebecca Sprigg 4280
​Bottled Water Services ​Sandy Franke ​4509
​Building Materials, Bricks Cement, Hand Tools, Ladders, Lumber, etc. ​Rebecca Sprigg 4280
​Buildings, Structured (Fabricated and Pre-Fabricated) Nyla Cotton 4495
​Bus Rental Sandy Franke


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​Carpet/Flooring (Materials and Installation) Sandy Franke
​Cart Program ​Sherri Himelstein ​4494

Catering/Food Services

Rebecca Sprigg


​Clothing, Apparel​ Rebecca Sprigg 4280
Computer Equipment, Printers and Services (Cables and Accessories) Sherri Himelstein



Rebecca Sprigg


Consulting Agreements Nyla Cotton 4495
Copier Paper (Recycled Program) Sherri Himelstein 4494
​Copier Purchases, Leases, Maintenance Agreements Sherri Himelstein 4494
Cosmetology Supplies/Services Sherri Himelstein 4494
Credit Card Processing Nyla Cotton 4495
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​Decals and Stamps Sandy Franke 4509
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​Earth Moving Equipment (Tractors, Loaders, Graders, Dozers, etc.) Sherri Himelstein
​Electrical Equipment, Supplies Sandy Franke 4509
​Elevator Agreements/Services Nyla Cotton 4495
​Employee Recognitions (Plaques, Certificate, Badges, Emblems, Name Tags etc.) Sandy Franke 4509
​Energy Agreements (To Include Solar) Nyla Cotton 4495
Equipment Leases Nyla Cotton 4495
​Express Delivery/Mail Services​ Sherri Himelstein 4494
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​Fastening, Packaging, Strapping, Typing Equipment and Supplies Sandy Franke 4509
​Fencing Sherri Himelstein 4494
​Financial Services Nyla Cotton 4495
​Fingerprint Supplies/Services Nyla Cotton 4495
​Fire/Alarm Services, Sprinkler Inspection and Testing Nyla Cotton 4495
First Aid and Safety Equipment and Supplies Sandy Franke 4509
Flag, Flag Poles, Banners and Accessories (non-printed, Local, state, International)
Sherri Himelstein 4494
Flag, Flag Poles, Banners and Accessories (printed) ​Rebecca Sprigg ​4280
Flashlights and Batteries Rebecca Sprigg 4539
​Food Service Agreements (Campus Food Vendors) Rebecca Sprigg 4280
​Fuel Agreements Nyla Cotton 4495
​Furniture/Furnishings Agreements, Services (Hayworth) Sherri Himelstein 4494​

​Furniture/Furnishings Agreements, Services (Non-Hayworth)

Rebecca Sprigg 


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Garden Tools Sherri Himelstein 4494
​Gases, Industrial, Scientific, Medical, Including Propane Sherri Himelstein 4494
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​Hardware (Tools)

Rebecca Sprigg

​Hazardous Waste Removal Contracts Nyla Cotton 4495
Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation Agreements Nyla Cotton 4495
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​Industrial Equipment, Supplies (i.e., Paint, Plumbing) Rebecca Sprigg 4280
Insecticides Sherri Himelstein 4494
Inspection Services Nyla Cotton 4495
Instructional Agreements (Consulting Agreements) Rebecca Sprigg 4280
Instructional Supplies Sandy Franke 4509
Insurance Nyla Cotton 4495
​Irrigation System, Soil Conditioners, Maintenance ​Sherri Himelstein ​4494
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​Janitorial Supplies, Services (Cleaning Agents, Brooms, Detergents, Mops, Paper Goods, Floor Care) Sandy Franke 4509
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​Laboratory Supplies, Equipment Sandy Franke 4509
​Landscape, Nursery, Plant Maintenance, Stock, Equipment Accessories ​Sherri Himelstein ​4494
​Leases/Real Property Rentals/Modular Buildings ​Nyla Cotton
​Library Materials, Supplies and Equipment Rebecca Sprigg 4280
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​Mailroom Equipment, Supplies, Services Sherri Himelstein 4494
​Maintenance, Soil Conditioners, Irrigation Systems ​Sherri Hi
​Master Contract Database Nyla Cotton 4495
​Material Handling Equipment (Including Power lift, Trucks, Pallet Jacks) Sherri Himelstein 4494
Medical Supplies/Equipment, Services Sandy Franke 4509
​Medical:Hazardous Waste Agreements Nyla Cotton 4495
Memberships Rebecca Sprigg 4280
​Memorandum of Understanding/Master Enabling Agreements Nyla Cotton 4495
Microfilm Supplies Rebecca Sprigg 4280
Microscopes Sandy Franke 4509
​Minor Repair, Public Works, Construction Contracts Nyla Cotton 4495
​Modular Building/Real Property Rentals/Leasing ​Nyla Cotton ​4495
​Music Instruments, Supplies, Services Sherri Himelstein 4494
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​Office Supplies and Equipment (Including Shredders, Fax Machines) Sandy Franke 4509
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Pesticides, Pest Control Agreements/Services Sherri Himelstein 4494
Pharmaceutical Supplies, Services Sandy Franke 4509
​Photographic Equipment, Supplies, Services Sherri Himelstein 4494
​Police Equipment and Supplies Rebecca Sprigg 4280
​Police Radio Equipment, Repair Rebecca Sprigg 4280
​Printing Equipment, Supplies and Services​ Sherri Himelstein 4494
​Professional Services Agreements Nyla Cotton 4495
​Property Rental and Leasing Nyla Cotton 4495
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​​Real Property Rentals/Leases/Modular Buildings
​Nyla Cotton 4495
​Recycled Toner Program ​Sherri Himelstein ​4494
Recycling​ Sherri Himelstein 4494
​Refuse/Recycling, Trash Disposal Nyla Cotton 4495
​Roof Replacement Sherri Himelstein 4494
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​​Scientific Laboratory Equipment, Supplies, Test Equipment, Clinical Lab, Reagents and Test, Cadavers, Transportation Sandy Franke 4509
​Signs, Aluminum Signs Rebecca Sprigg 4280
​​SMC Bookstore Purchases Rebecca Sprigg 4280
​Soil Conditioners, Irrigation System, Maintenance
​Sherri Himelstein ​4494
Software License Agreements Sherri Himelstein 4494
​Software License (Enterprise) ​Nyla Cotton ​4495
Special Events (Party) Rentals, Equipment, Supplies, Balloons, Flowers, etc. Rebecca Sprigg 4280
Steel Rebecca Sprigg 4280
​Surplus Sales ​Sandy Franke ​4509
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​​Telecommunication Equipment, Supplies (VOIP, Mobile) Nyla Cotton 4495
​​Testing Supplies, Materials Rebecca Sprigg 4280
​Theatrical, Artist Equipment, Supplies Sherri Himelstein 4494
Transportation Sandy Franke 4509
Travel Rebecca Sprigg 4280
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​​Uniform (Facilities Agreements) Nyla Cotton 4495
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​Vehicles, Carts, Trucks, Supplies, Services, Repairs Rebecca Sprigg 4280
​​Vending Machines Sandy Franke


​Veterinary Equipment and Supplies Sandy Franke 4509
​​Video Equipment, Supplies, Services Sandy Franke 4509
​Visual Education, Equipment and Supplies Rebecca Sprigg 4280
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​​Water Services (Drinking Water) Coolers Sandy Franke 4509

​Welding Equipment and Supplies

Rebecca Sprigg

​​Window Installation, Replacement Washing, Window Treatments, Blinds​ Nyla Cotton 4495
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​​​X-Ray Equipment, Supplies, Services​ Sandy Franke 4509