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SMC|Business Services|Purchasing|Purchase Requisition Form and Approvals

Purchase Requisition Form and Approvals

Once pricing is received from the buyer, you can start the Purchase Requisition Form. The Form and walk-through instructions can be found below. After this, please read on for additional approvals on specific commodities. To view the entire workflow and what follows, see the Purchase Requisition Form Help​ page.

  Watch &
PRF Instructions 
Purchase Requisition form PDF 
Link to watch our video tutorial on YouTube: "How to Fill-out the Purchase Requisition Form"

The approval section of the Purchase Requisition Form is to be used to obtain required signature approvals. Please completely fill-out the form, print/save for your records and then forward through the approval process. See image below.

Purchase Requisition Form
Purchase Requisition Form approval section
  1. Requestor
  2. Department Head/ Administrator
  3. Vice President
  4. Fiscal Services

*Additional approvals required


When purchasing computer related hardware and software, there may be compatibility issues and site-licensing fees in addition to the cost of the software. The Requestor must forward and have the requisition reviewed/approved by the MIS Department prior to P.O. processing. Please forward your requisition to

When purchasing Multifunction devices, copiers/fax/scanners, the Requisition must be forwarded by the Requestor for review/approval by the Media /Graphics Center prior to P.O. processing. Please contact Contact Al DeSalles, Media & Reprographic Services Manager, via email at:

* 1MAJOR FURNISHINGS AND WORKSTATIONS When purchasing 1Major Assets, the Requisition must be forwarded by the Requestor for review and approval by the Maintenance Department to ensure:
  • That the existing facility space can accommodate the request
  • That the proper electrical utilities are in place
  • That staff are budgeted, scheduled and available for installation activities if required
  • That the item is inventoried and tagged.

Please forward your requisition to JC Saunders-Keurjian, Chief Director of Facilities Management via email at

1Major Assets include any workstations and/or furnishings that require electrical utilities, or are of a size or quantity that will require installation and/or require maintenance staff to have items moved and/or put in place.

The Fiscal Services staff will forward the Requisition to the Purchasing Department for processing once they have verified the account information.