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Risk Management

Under Construction

Our site is currently under construction. Please check back with us periodically for updated information.

If you have questions or require immediate attention, please contact us directly at (310) 434-4102.

Welcome to the Risk Management Web Site. It is our mission to provide risk prevention and mitigation services to the Santa Monica College Community (SMC), aimed at reducing conditions or practices which may expose the District to human, environmental, or financial loss. 

Insurance & Risk Management is responsible for assisting the College community with the overall risk management effort through environmental compliance, occupational health and safety and insurance coverage for property, liability and workers' compensation.

The Department will be expanding the content of this site in the future, but for now, we hope this page will serve as an online resource for the College Community.

Risk Exposure and Losses

The Santa Monica Community College District, also known as the “District”, recognizes the following facts concerning the physical, human fiscal and/or environmental resources of the District:

  • During the normal course of conducting its mission, the physical, human, fiscal and/or environmental resources of the District are routinely exposed to various risks that can result in losses.
  • These physical, human, fiscal and/or environmental resources are valuable assets to the District and to the citizens of the City of Santa Monica and the State of California.
  • Because of the special value of these assets, they deserve reasonable protection consistent with the availability of funds.
  • Unless measures are taken to preserve/protect these resources, losses will occur.
  • The provision of such protection required a significant commitment of time, money, resources and staff to manage, preserve and protect these resources in the most cost effective manner.
  • The discipline of “risk management” is a specialized process aimed specifically at minimizing and controlling the District’s exposures and losses.

Goals Concerning Risk Management

The following goals concerning risk management are established for the institution of Santa Monica Community College District:

In carrying out the District’s business, the long-term goal is to minimize harm to the physical, human, fiscal and/or environmental resources to the District, and to minimize total cost or risk to the departments.

To minimize harm, and the cost of risk, each department shall:

  • attempt to routinely identity all significant known perils and risks to which the department may be exposed;
  • avoid unnecessary or unreasonable  exposures to the extent practicable;
  • take all reasonable and practical steps to prevent harmful events and losses;
  • initiate reasonable and appropriate loss control techniques to control frequency and severity of those losses that are unavoidable; and
  • in accordance with State law, insure appropriate individual or aggregate exposures that are of such large potential losses that the use of normal operating expenses for payment is prohibitive.
  • In the event of harmful act or loss occurs, the District shall provide prompt, reasonable correction or payment, to the extent that the District is reasonably responsible, for any harm done to persons or properties by the District or its employees.


Authority and Responsibility

The District’s Risk Manager shall be given the authority to implement, and shall be responsible for, the District’s Risk Management Program.  The Risk Manager shall employ appropriate professional and clerical staff to accomplish institutional risk management goals and objectives.  The Risk Manager shall be responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, implementing, monitoring and controlling the institution’s risk management program.

The Risk Manager’s authority and responsibilities shall not cross over into other functional areas of the District.  However, since a comprehensive risk management program touches all other functional areas of the District, managers, supervisors, instructors, deans and staff of all functional areas are expected to cooperate with the Risk Manager in the development and implementation of the risk management program.

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