6 simple steps to enroll

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  1. Log In: Go to Corsair Connect and log in with your student ID and password.

    Corsair Connect Login

    • Can’t remember your ID number? Email the Admissions & Records office (Admissions@smc.edu) from the email address you used on your application and you will be sent your information.

    • Can’t remember your Password? Click on the Corsair Connect tab above and click the "I can't access my account" link. If this is your first time logging in, your password will be your six digit date of birth mmddyy.

  2. Select the term: Once you’ve logged into Corsair Connect, select the term you wish to enroll in. You may enroll in the Summer & Fall 2017 semesters (on or after your enrollment date). You will then be guided through the course selection and enrollment process.

  3. When can I enroll? You can enroll on the date and time assigned to you, or later. To find your enrollment date/time, log into Corsair Connect. Your enrollment date will be listed there April 3rd, 2017.

  4. Plan ahead. Before you enroll, make a list of the classes you want to take. The system will tell you if a class is closed or unavailable. Please have several alternate classes chosen.

You may enroll into open classes anytime prior to the night before the second class meeting. Exceptions to this policy are online, hybrid and arranged hour classes. If the class you are requesting is closed, please keep trying. If students drop the course, it will reopen and you will be able to add anytime prior to the second class meeting. You may drop a class(es), according to drop deadlines posted in your Corsair Connect account (next to enrolled classes), or verify your enrollment status by web throughout the semester.

You will need to have an Instructor Approval Code to add any section that is full or that has reached the second class meeting.

New Policy

Effective Summer 2016, the self-enrollment of students into the following classes will end the night before the first meeting day for classes that:

  • meet only once a week

  • have a lab component – flagged as “Science Lab Course” (e.g., Chem. 10)

Does SMC have a waitpool?

Yes!! More information on the Waitpool.

  1. Print your receipt. Print your class schedule from this site. Please make sure to confirm your enrollment by clicking on “Transaction Receipt.”

  2. Pay for your classes. You may pay online or in person with a Visa or MasterCard; mail a pre-printed, personal check; or pay in person at the Santa Monica College Bursar’s Office on the main campus. Non-resident tuition may be paid by Visa, MasterCard, cashier’s check or by a pre-printed, personal check from an in-state California bank. A twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fee will be assessed for dishonored checks, invalid credit cards, or card numbers entered in error and may result in cancellation of your enrollment.

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