Here you will find answers to the most common issues regarding classes and enrolling. If you haven't already, please thoroughly review and complete the steps on our Apply/Starting Steps page.

Getting and Finding Your Enrollment Date

You will get your enrollment date for the term that you applied once you have applied to SMC (have your SMC ID number), have submitted your HSCE application to the Admissions Office, and have been approved to take the classes on your application. Your enrollment date and time will be emailed to you when we process your HSCE application. You will also receive other reminders as your enrollment date is near. 

Check Corsair Connect for your enrollment date and time (after you login, click on the drop-down menu between the two fingers to select the term when you will take classes). Set a reminder on your phone!

Available Courses

High School Concurrent Enrollment students take our regularly offered college credit courses. HSCE student cannot enroll in Kinesiology courses. Otherwise, as long as a student meets HSCE program requirements and all course prerequisites (see more below), they may enroll in any course. Do NOT use "High School - Dual Enrollment" when searching for offered classes using our Searchable Class Schedule.

Please check Apply/Starting Steps on how to participate in the HSCE program. Classes must first be prescribed by Admissions in order for the student to enroll.

Important to Note: Our courses are college courses. This seems obvious, but it means that we do not make equivalencies to high school courses. Course equivalencies and receiving credit for high school is strictly between the student and their high school. Students should talk to their high school counselor. Also, as our courses are college courses they will become part of the student's permanent college record, including the corresponding credit and GPA. Classes cannot be audited or forfeited in any way.

Top 20 Classes for Concurrent Enrollment Students

  • BIOL 3
    CHEM 10
    CIS 4
    COM ST 35
    ECON 1

  • HEALTH 10
    HIST 1
    HIST 2
    HIST 11
    HIST 12

  • LIBR 1
    MATH 2
    MATH 20
    MATH 32
    MEDIA 1

  • MUSIC 33
    MUSIC 36
    PHOTO 1
    PSYCH 1
    SPAN 1

We also offer many Career Technical Education courses that may interest you and get you started on a career path.

Concurrent Enrollment vs. Dual Enrollment

Although these terms are often confused and used interchangeably at different colleges, at SMC we define "Concurrent" classes as those regularly taught on our campuses and online, and "Dual" classes as those taught on a high school campus. Dual Enrollment courses have a separate enrollment process, and students interested in those courses should talk to their high school counselor.

Online Courses

High School Concurrent Enrollment students are allowed to take online courses. These courses are subject to the same eligibility, limits, and enrollment requirements as those of on-ground courses. Class space is also limited. Students with specific questions regarding course curriculum and/or requiring an Instructor Approval Code to add the course should contact the instructor directly via email (see more below).

Anatomy Students

This course requires the completion of English 1 or equivalent as a prerequisite. If this is your first actual college course, it is recommended to talk to your counselor about other courses that are a part of your goals as a way to "get your feet wet" before taking on this highly demanding course. Grades are part of your permanent record, and we want your first step at SMC to be a positive one!

Unit/Class Limits

Students are allowed to enroll in 6 units or 2 classes, whichever is greater, per term (winter, spring, summer, fall). A separate, fully complete application is required for each term.

Course Prerequisites/Advisories

Many SMC courses have specific prerequisites or advisories, which are noted on the schedule of classes. All students must meet prerequisites before they enroll. Some courses have a course "advisory." This means students are expected to have skills at the level of the advisory.

Students must take the English and/or math placement test if the intended course has an English or math prerequisite. Placing one level above a prerequisite course will fulfill that prerequisite. Eligibility to take a prerequisite course does NOT satisfy the prerequisite.

If a student has college-level English or math coursework from another institution or has taken English or math AP exams receiving a 3 or higher can request a placement/prerequisite waiver or meet with a counselor at the SMC Outreach Office in order to receive a prerequisite waiver. When visiting the Outreach Office be sure to call ahead to ensure a counselor is available. Bring a photo ID, know your SMC ID number, and have a copy of your other coursework or test results. Be sure to tell the office that you are there simply to get a math or English waiver.

Corsair Connect

Corsair Connect is the student portal from which a student enrolls in classes, checks dates, accesses their email, pays fees, and much more. The first time a student logs in their default password is their date of birth. Please note: it is 6-digits (MMDDYY), not 8. Do not put 19 or 20 in for the year. After loging in for the first time you will update your password to something more secure. You will not be able to enroll in a class until your assigned enrollment date, and not until you have been prescribed a class after turning in the HSCE program application to the Admissions Office.

A Corsair Connect Guide is available to guide on all enrollment-related transactions.  

Adding a Class

In Corsair Connect, students add courses using the 4-digit section number for a class, which can be found in any of our class schedules. If adding a class after it has started then you will need an Instructor Approval Code (see more below).

Adding a Second Class

If you have difficulty adding a class, or if the second course takes the total over 6 units, students will have to come to our Admissions Office to be manually added to the class (remember to bring a photo ID). The class must have open seats available, or the student must have an Instructor Approval Code (see more below).

Adding an Additional Class to a Submitted Application

Students can only enroll in the courses they have been prescribed, meaning courses that were approved by their counselor on their application and then approved by our Admissions. If a student would like to add additional courses to their application, the best way is for them to fill out the "Approval of Additional Courses" form, found on the 3rd page of the PDF Fileappl​icat​ion. Students may also ask their high school counselors to email us directly (concurrentenrollment@smc.edu) from their school email account including the following: student's SMC ID number, course name as it appears in our catalog, term student wishes to enroll, and a brief message indicating their approval of enrollment.

Open Seat Notification/Wait Lists

Often times courses fill up. Do not despair, there are several chances to still enroll in the course. Other students often change their schedules and seats open up. In Corsair Connect, students can wait for such availability by joining an open seat notification list or waitlist. After joining a list, you and other students on the list will receive a notification in the instance that a seat opens up. The first student to enroll will be granted that seat. Once a class starts there is no longer a list, you must "crash" the course.

"Crashing" Classes

Many will tell you that crashing courses is a common part of the college experience. This simply means that you try to join a course that is already full. First, join a Wait List (see above). If you were unsuccessful joining the class through the Wait List, on the day a class begins (or just before), students will "crash" a course by asking the instructor for an Instructor Approval Code (see below) in order to enroll in the class. For Online classes, you email the instructor (see more below).

Instructor Approval Code ("add code")

After a class has started, professors will have Instructor Approval Codes, commonly known as "add codes." A code is required anytime a student wants to either enroll in a course that has already started or enroll in a course that is full. Read "Crashing" classes above on how to obtain a code.

Contacting Instructors

Instructor names can be found in the class schedule and instructor contact email addresses can be found in the online Employee Directory of college personnel. It is recommended to use your SMC student email account for all correspondence.