​F2 Visa students may take classes through our High School Concurrent Enrollment program. Students will pay nonresidents fees and any mandatory fees (e.g., health fee--but not health insurance fee). In addition to applying to SMC, ​and completing the HSCE Application, the documents below must be presented to Admissions & Records.

Note on SMC Admission Application

SMC does not normally admit F2 students as part of the regular admission process. Thus, when you submit the admission application, you will initially receive a notice that you are not eligible to attend and it will direct you to apply through our International Education Program. Please disregard this. Email us at concurrentenrollment@smc.edu and let us know you applied. Include your full name, phone number, and application confirmation number. We will look for your application and manually process it. Once we do, we will email you back with your student ID number. Once you have it, complete the HSCE Application and also gather the documents below. Turn in everything to the Admissions & Records Office in person. 

Documents from the Student

  • Copy of Passport with current  F2 visa and expiration date
  • Copy of I-20

Documents from the Sponsor

  • Copy of Passport with current  F1 visa and expiration date
  • Completed Status Verification Form from the college the sponsor is attending
  • Copy of I-20