​Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Springboard at SMC 

(An expansion of the Media and Tech Summer Experience at SMC!)

Who is eligible for this unique Summer Springboard Program?

Students must have completed 8th grade by the time the summer session starts and be at least 13 years of age. (Proof of successful completion of the 8th grade must be submitted to the Admissions office by the end of week 1 in the summer session or the student will be dropped.) Students who have completed 12th grade are NOT eligible to enroll in this special program. However, they can enroll as traditional college students at SMC and we encourage them to do so.​

So what is this April 23 deadline about?

We encourage families to get the High School Concurrent application process completed by this deadline to make sure that folks have their "ducks in a row" for the May 7th enrollment date. IF YOU HAVE MISSED THE APRIL 23rd DEADLINE- You can still apply. You have not missed your opportunity! We just encourage you to turn in your forms ASAP so you don't miss the May 7th enrollment date.

What happens on May 7?

Once your application has been turned in and approved-you will receive information about how to self enroll for the summer. You will have access to self enroll on May 7 at 7 a.m. through the SMC Corsair Connect student portal. You will need your student ID number and password to complete the enrollment process. Have a variety of courses in mind (4-5), just in case your top choice isn't available when you log in to enroll.

What if I can't enroll on May 7 at 7 a.m.?

That's okay. You can enroll anytime after that date/time. That will be the earliest that you will have access to the enrollment system and we want you to have the best selection of class offerings possible.

Do I need to write in the classes I want on the High School Concurrent Enrollment form or should I leave that part blank?

Please write in the options you're hoping to take. We cannot accept the form with that section left blank.
*Please make sure the counselor also writes in the course names- not just "Summer Springboard Classes." We cannot accept vague approval language. Be specific please or the form will be returned to you.

What are the program dates?

The summer 6-week session begins June 17 and ends July 26. You are enrolling in a 6-week program and should plan on attending all sessions during the summer session.

Where will the classes be offered? On the main campus?

The class location may be on the main SMC campus or on one of the SMC satellite campuses. The location will be clearly stated in the schedule when you are enrolling.

What are the class options for this summer experience?

View the class options and course descriptions and rank your preferences. When you get your enrollment date (May 7 at 7 a.m.), you will be able to log into the Corsair Connect enrollment system to add into your preferred course(s).

How do I pick what classes I take?

Speak to your academic counselor at school and come up with a plan that works best with your interests. Have a variety of courses in mind (4-5), just in case your top choice isn't available when you log in to enroll.

When will I have access to enroll in the course(s)?

Your enrollment date will be May 7 at 7 a.m. (or anytime after that date.) Details on how to enroll will be provided to you before that date. Be sure to submit your application and have it authorized in the Admissions Office by April 23.

Are there any fees associated with this program?

Tuition is FREE for all resident students physically attending high school in California; a savings of $138 to $276 for a typical High School Concurrent Enrollment program participant. However, there is a mandatory health fee of $16 that is required. More details about fees for high school students.

We have insurance for our family, so why do we need to pay for this insurance?

All students must pay this fee to support the health services provided on campus. Exemptions are made for students who can provide documentation from a religious organization/authority stating clearly that they rely "exclusively on the power of prayer for healing." Student's requesting to be exempt from the Health Fees must fill out the PDF FileSpecial consideration petition (Student info & Reason fields only) and submit documentation to the Admissions and Records Office.

What are the fees associated with this program?

$19 student health fee (Mandatory fee- See above for more information)
$19.50 Associated Student Body Fee (Optional fee, but this is so you will have access to the campus computer labs and can ride the Big Blue Bus Any line Any time.)
$13 ID Card fee (Optional fee, but this is so you can show your current AS sticker and gain access to the on-campus labs and services.)

(Total: $51.50)

What are the steps to apply?

Visit the Apply page to see how to apply.

How is this different from concurrent enrollment?

This program is very similar in that you will be taking college classes and getting college credit as a high school student. You will also be given extra counseling support this summer through our Outreach office.

How many classes can I take?

You can take up to two courses. These are intensive time commitments so we encourage you to balance what you hope to achieve this summer so you're more likely to be successful and have a fun summer!

Are these college classes transferrable?

Refer to the Course Catalog and the descriptions provided there. You're also welcome to contact the Outreach counselor assigned to this program.

How can these classes apply for high school credit?

Discuss with your high school counselor to look at options for getting high school credit.

Will I have to sign my student in and out each day?

No, this is a college campus experience and your students will be responsible for getting to their classes. Staff will be available for the first few days to answer any questions and help students find where they need to go.

What if I need to miss a class?

Communicate directly with the faculty member about attendance questions/issues. Please know that this is a college experience- so missing classes will make keeping up with the material difficult.

What about parking on campus?

Students may purchase a parking permit through Corsair Connect (the student enrollment portal) after being enrolled into the class. Students are encouraged to use the Metro Expo Line and the Big Blue Bus (bus sticker available for $19.50). For more information, visit Parking Information.

What alternatives to driving are available?

The campus is easily accessible by Metro and the Big Blue Bus.

Do I need to take any assessments for this program?

No. These courses do not have any prerequisites which would require assessment test placement scores.