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Note: All pick-up and drop-offs should be on Pico and 19th Street on main campus. Please do not use Pearl Street.

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Problems with Enrollment

  • Identify the problem in Corsair Connect and follow instructions. Head to Admissions & Records if you continue to have problems. Take a screenshot of error messages.

  • If you have an "Orientation Hold", you must complete the SMC Online Orientation to enroll.

  • If you have an "Assessment Hold", you need to take the entire placement test for English/ESL and mathematics. Go to the Assessment Center located in Liberal Arts 109.

Adding/Changing Courses, Paying Fees and Dropping

  • Enroll in open classes that meet once a week or have a lab component until the night before the first class meeting, or in other classes until the night before the second class meeting without the instructor’s approval. You will need an approval code (add code) from the instructor after that to add the class on Corsair Connect.

  • You are encouraged to “crash” a class by going to the class when it first meets to ask for an add code. Be mindful the instructor may not be able to add you. First preference may be given to students on the waitlist for the class.

  • Don’t drop a class until you have secured your enrollment in another.

  • Be sure to attend all class meetings the first week (or actively participate in online classes), otherwise you risk being dropped for nonattendance.

  • Pay your fees on Corsair Connect or in person at the Bursar’s office on the Main Campus.

  • If you postponed your fees, be sure to pay by March for spring semester. Otherwise, you will have difficulties enrolling. Remember a hold was also placed on your records and you won’t be able to get transcripts, enrollment verifications, etc., until you pay fees owed.

  • Pay attention to drop deadlines to ensure you do not get a “W” or a substandard grade.

  • Drop courses on time. Drop deadlines corresponding to your class are posted on your Corsair Connect account.

  • You are responsible for dropping yourself from any class you no longer wish to keep.

My Semester Schedule

  • Access it on Corsair Connect. If you need a printout, go to the Bursar’s Office for a $3 fee.


Student ID Card

  • You can get your student ID (and your picture taken) behind the Bursar’s Office. The ID costs $13. You can also get your ID picture taken during the first two weeks of school next to the Admissions Office in the Bursar’s Annex. Pay the Associated Students membership fee, get it swiped, then ride the BBB for free.

Can't Login to Corsair Connect?

  • Password recovery is available on Corsair Connect. Be sure you are typing it in correctly because it’s case sensitive.

  • Go to Corsair Connect. Try your original password (date of birth). If that does not work click on the “I cannot access my account” link (below the login area) to recover your password.

  • If you forgot your security answers, you’ll need to visit the Admissions Office with a valid picture ID to reset your password.

Financial Aid

  • Visit the Financial Aid Office in Drescher Hall (on the Pico Blvd. side, by EOPS). A great deal of helpful information can also be found on the SMC Financial Aid website.

Transportation/BBB/SMC Shuttle/Parking

  • Validate your SMC ID at any of the swiping stations on campus, including at the Bursar’s Office and the Admissions Office.

  • The first few weeks of class are extremely congested and parking is hard to find. Don’t be late to class, go to corsaircommute.com to find a bus, carpool match, or bike route. For other transportation information go to SMC Transportation website.

  • Ride the Big Blue Bus for FREE by paying your Associated Students membership fee. You will need an SMC ID, too. Pay fees on Corsair Connect or in person at the Bursar’s Office. Then “swipe” your SMC student ID. To find bus routes and schedules, go to bigbluebus.com

  • Purchase a parking decal on Corsair Connect. You can print the receipt and put it on the dashboard to avoid getting a ticket until the decal arrives in the mail. You may also purchase your parking permit at the Bursar’s Office on the Main campus.

  • Parking is difficult, especially the first few weeks. Park at the Bundy Campus for FREE and then ride the SMC Shuttle to the Main Campus. Go to the SMC Transportation website for the latest schedule.

  • You need to have a parking permit to park on campus (except for Bundy where it is free with a parking sticker you may get at the Parking Kiosk).

  • Students may also pay $10 to park at the Daily Lot on 14th Street and Pico Blvd.

  • A drop-off/pick-up area for shared driving (e.g., Uber, taxi, etc.) is available at Pico Blvd. & 18th Street (by Admissions).

Associated Students

  • The AS fee is $19.50.

  • Benefits: Associated Students Computer Lab: Internet Usage, E-Mail Access, and printing. Campus Concerts, Speaker Series, Club Row and Celebrate America. Join one of our 50 plus clubs or Start a Club! Leadership Opportunities (Elected or Appointed).

New: SMC Pay-for-Print Services 

  • SMC has a New Print Payment System called Showcase Technology. All students who had money on their PaperCut Accounts in Fall 2016 will get free replacement value cards for printing in the Library, Bundy, Business and Science Computer labs. 
  • To request a value exchange card, go to Request a Value Exchange Card  and provide your name, student ID #, and email address. You will be contacted by email on when and where to pick-up your rechargeable value card. 

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