​​COVID-19 Adjustments to Enrollment-Related Policies ​​​

Listed below are details concerning enrollment-related policy adjustements implemented for Spring 2020 resulting from COVID-19 concerns. 

Topics covered: course repetition, Pass/No Pass, deadlines, drops without W, refunds, F1 students, impact of financial aid, transcripts.

Spring late & Retroactive withdrawals May be requested until july 17


Applies to Spring 2020 course enrollment

  • Students may request a late or a retroactive withdrawal for full-semester or late start classes by emailing admissions@smc.edu​ [clicking this link will open an email message where you can complete the requested information]. The email should include your full name, email, phone number, class and section you wish to drop. You do not need to provide any back-up documentation.
  • Courses will be dropped with no penalty; they will not show on your transcript. You will be given either a credit that can be applied toward summer or fall classes, or a refund once the refund process is run again (in August).
  • Because spring enrollment is frozen the week before finals begin, Admissions and Records cannot process the late withdrawals immediately. All requests will be processed after all final grades are submitted by instructors (due June 23). 

Should I drop my class?

pass/no pass grading requests extended UNTIL JULY 17 for spring
(new option added June 3)

Applies to Spring 2020 course enrollment

  • Students may request the opportunity to switch to Pass/No Pass grading for any Spring class. Courses completed with A, B, or C would result in a P grade. Courses with a D or F grade would result in a NP grade.​
  • You must complete the Pass/No Pass Petition and submit by email to admissions@smc.edu​ [clicking this link will open an email form]. The email should include your full name, email, phone number.
  • Because spring enrollment is frozen the week before finals begin, Admissions and Records cannot process the Pass/No Pass petitions. All requests will be processed after all final grades are submitted by instructors (due June 23).


Course Repetition: Courses with "No Pass" (NP) Grade May Be Repeated

Applies to Spring 2020 course enrollment

  • Students who opted to take a class on a Pass/No Pass grading basis in Spring 2020 who earn a No Pass (NP) will be able to repeat the course without that NP counting toward the maximum number of times a student may subsequently repeat the course.
  • Effect of NP on transcript: The "Units Enrolled" for the course where the NP was earned will not count toward the "Timely Progress" progress calculation for progress probation or progress disqualification standing. If manually calculating the "Timely Progress" rate, units for the NP class should not be counted. Caveat: this discounting of "Units Enrolled" only applies to courses where the student opted to be graded on a Pass/No Pass basis—not on courses that are natively graded on a Pass/No Pass basis.

COURSE repetition: Course That Will be Repeated in The Future

Applies to Spring 2020 course enrollment

  • Due to suspension of regulations, students impacted by COVID-19 who earned a W, substandard, or a passing grade in a class, may repeat the class at any time in the future—even if the student has earned a C or a B grade. To make it clear, the student must have been enrolled in the class in Spring 2020.
  • If the student has maxed out on the number of repetitions for a class and now needs counselor/Dean approval, counselors should select "COVID-19" for the "Override Reason" in the WebISIS Course Repetition Petition program. This will ensure SMC meet auditing requirements and be able to collect apportionment. Counselors must indicate on their counseling notes that the repetition was caused by COVID-19 related issues. There is no need to collect any additional information from the student to back-up their request. The emergency COVID-19 declaration from the Chancellor's Office suffices.
  • If a student has completed the class with a passing grade, the student is strongly cautioned not to repeat the class, particularly if the class is transferable or if the student is receiving financial aid, or is a Veteran student using GI Bill benefits. 
    • Transfer college/universities and graduate schools will likely disallow the repeated course, even if a higher grade on the repeated course is obtained.
    • ​Financial Aid regulations will allow a student one opportunity to repeat a course for a more favorable grade.  If a student desires to repeat a course more than once for a higher grade, Financial Aid funding will not be able to cover the costs of that course.  
    • ​​Veteran students are urged to work with the Veteran's Resource Center to ensure a repetition will be funded.


Applies to Spring 2020 course enrollment

  • The updated deadline is the "Last Day to Withdraw" (aka "Drop") deadline (75% of the course)
  • Deadlines can vary on a class to class basis, check your "Last Day to Withdraw" (aka "Drop") deadlines in Corsair Connect.
  • Be aware:
    • Qualifying students may choose to be graded for a class on a Pass/No Pass (P/NP) grading basis. A "P" grade will be recorded on the transcript for performance equivalent to "C" or better and a "NP" grade for less than satisfactory performance (D or less).​​
    • Pass/No Pass cannot be rescinded or reverted to a regular grade.
    • Due to the move to remote learning for all SMC classes this Spring 2020 as a result of COVID-19, students may opt to take courses on a P/NP basis even if it exceeds the 14-transferbale ​unit limit.
    • Courses that do not transfer or are already graded on a P/NP basis are excluded from the 14-unit limitation.
    • Students with a bachelor degree may take any number of classes/units of P/NP grading.​

course drops & refunds: students may drop without a "w" & fees will be refunded

Applies to Spring 2020 course enrollment

  • Students may drop a course after the "Avoid W Deadline" through the "Guaranteed W Deadline" (aka "drop" deadline) without a "W" penalty. 
  • Simply drop the class on Corsair Connect before the "Last Day to Withdraw" (aka "Drop") deadline.
  • If you previously petitioned t drop without a W, ensure you dropped your class already, or do so by the deadline.
  • Previously dropped spring 2020 classes will automatically qualify and be processed for the removal of a "W".
  • Once dropped, neither the course not the "W" will be shown on your transcript. This will be like you never enrolled in the course. 
  • Class enrollment refunds will be given. The next refund process is scheduled to run April 29. It normally takes another 2 weeks for the students to get a reimbursement.
  • This policy also applies to classes that were dropped by a faculty member for coruses that started in Week 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, and the drop occurred on or after March 4.
  • Should I drop my class?

    • Students are asked to VERY carefully consider if dropping the class is truly in their best interest
    • Understandably, tensions and frustrations are high, but do consider potential consequences, such as:

Course Drops by International (f1) Students

Applies to Spring 2020 course enrollment

  • F1 students are also permitted to drop courses without a "W" and get a refund, so long as dropping the class does not place them below 12 units. If the student wishes to drop below 12 units, they must initiate their request through an International Education Center counselor at www.smc.edu/askiecc. The IECC counselor with discuss options and further steps.​

Course Drops: impact on Financial AID and other programs

Applies to Spring 2020 course enrollment

  • When dropping courses on Corsair Connect, students are presented with a notice advising them of various issues to consider before they drop. While we believe that the removal of a class from their transcript (with no W) will ultimately benefit most students, we remain committed to assist any whose circumstances we could not account in a process designed to assist the majority of students. 
  • Financial Aid, for example, will use their discretionary authority to assist students in any appeal process—should their financial aid be impacted by the drops.
  • Admissions and Records will also allow students to request the course be restored with a W or EW, should a transfer institution demand it be there (not all universities play well even in these times!) because of a pending admission decision, for example.​

transcripts: restoring a dropped course to the transcript

Applies to Spring 2020 course enrollment

  • ​Students who dropped a course in Spring 2020 that started in Weeks, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 will not get a W on the transcript. Instead, the entire class will be removed from the transcript. 
  • In the event that a transfer college or university insists the course must remain on the transcript, the student may submit a petition for special consideration to the Admissions Office requesting that the class show an "Excused Withdrawal" (EW) grade instead.