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Common Application Process

“Advisor’s” Information: This is a mandatory section on the Common Application, in the “Education” section.  The institution(s) students are applying to might have a question about the student’s application, so the institution will contact the “SMCAdvisor”.  The following email and phone number will be checked daily during regular days of operation.
(Note: This section is unrelated to the Academic Evaluator section, and will be addressed later on this document.)
Fill out the Common Application in the “Education” section with the following information:
Prefix:                                   Mr.
Advisor’s first name:              SMC
Advisor’s last name:               Advisor
Advisor’s title:                       SMCAdvisor
Advisor’s e-mail:          
Advisor’s telephone:               310-434-4420
“Recommenders” Section:
Academic Evaluation: Before filling this section out, a student must meet with an instructor or counselor who will need to agree to be their Academic Evaluator; institutions prefer the INSTRUCTOR choice, preferably someone related to your major, if possible. On the Academic Evaluation portion of the application, the student must use the drop down menu and select an INSTRUCTOR or ADVISOR (counselor) to be their “Recommender”.  Once the Academic Evaluator agrees, the student needs to “invite” them through the “Recommenders” portion of the Common Application.  The Recommender will then receive an electronic “invite” to complete the recommendation. 
College Report:  The College Report is an “Offline Form”. Students must print this form from the Common Application, and take the form to Admissions.  Admissions will complete the form and mail the College Report to colleges and universities you are applying to.  Some universities, like USC and Loyola Marymount University, do not require the College Report to be submitted for transfer admission consideration.    Students can look on most university specific transfer admission web pages to determine if this document is required. 
Transfer Mid-Term Report: This is not a form required by all institutions.  Check with the receiving institution to see if it is required.  If it is required, the student must print out the form and bring it to each instructor to verify they are in the class, and what grade they are earning at the time the form is presented to the instructor.  Then they must submit the Transfer Mid-Term Report to the transfer destinations.
Some institutions may require additional supplemental forms or documents.   Please review the Common Application and/or the college or university website thoroughly for this information.