​​Due to recent guidance from the California Community College Chancellor's Office, we are able to announce the following changes:

A petition is no longer needed when dropping a class due to COVID-19 implications. Simply drop the class on Corsair Connect before the "Last Day to Withdraw" (aka "Drop") deadline

​• If you previously petitioned, ensure you dropped your class already, or do so by the deadline

Previously dropped spring 2020 classes will automatically qualify and be processed for the removal of a "W"

REMINDER: The "Last Day to Withdraw" is the new deadline to drop a class and receive a refund, and not receive a "W".

NOTE: it states in Corsair Connect that the "Last Day to Withdraw" is a Guaranteed "W" deadline, but due to the recently approved guidance you will not receive a "W" if you make your drop BEFORE this date for that specific course​

Useful FAQs

What is the "Last Day to Withdraw?"

Each class has its own date
Click on "Drop a Class" in Corsair Connect and then scroll to the "Class Drop Deadlines" section
To the far right of each class you will see its "Last Day to Withdraw" deadline

What if I already petitioned?
Ensure you in fact dropped the class, if not, do so now. You must drop yourself through Corsair Connect

What if I am an F1 student who already petitioned?
Ensure you dropped the class, if not, do so now. You must drop yourself through Corsair Connect
Remember, you must contact an IECC counselor if you must drop below 12 units

If I drop my class, will I get a "W"?

The state has approved the removal of a "W" from your transcript, as long you make the drop BEFORE the "Last Day to Withdraw" for that class

Will I get a refund?

Yes, for the class that was dropped by the deadline (NOTE: the refund will take some time)

However, if a student remains enrolled in any other class, student services fees (Health, Associated Students, ID Card fee) will NOT be refunded

  • ​    Refunds are mailed out via check approximately 4-6 weeks after withdrawing from the class. Be sure that your address is up to date by viewing the Profile & Preferences page located in Corsair Connect. If you are moving out of state you can update your address by contacting Admissions & Records​.  

Should I drop my class?

Students are asked to VERY carefully consider if dropping the class is truly in their best interest

Understandably, tensions and frustrations are high, but do consider potential consequences, such as: 

o Financial Aid impact (email: financialaid@smc.edu)

o Reaching your educational goal

o Transferring (contact a counselor first)

o Health Insurance

o Visa status (F-1 students visit www.smc.edu/askiecc)

o Veteran benefits (email: VetsOutreach@smc.edu)

and many others

Parking refunds should be requested by emailing parking@smc.edu.

What else do I need to know?

Once dropped, the class will no longer show on your schedule since you will not get a "W". For most intents and purposes, it is like you never enrolled in the class

Updated information regarding COVID-19 impact and changes can be found at www.smc.edu/coronavirus

SMC is here to help you! Contact Student Serviceswith any questions you may have.