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Enrollment Notes

Trying to enroll for Fall? FAQ’s

Classes at SMC for Fall 2009 are now more than 98% full.  We hope you find the following FAQ information helpful.

1) Can a counselor enroll me in the classes I need? 

SMC counselors are not able to enroll students in classes. All students must self-enroll in courses.

2) Who can tell me which classes are still open?  

You may check the Searchable Schedule online

However, once classes have started, students must attend the desired course and request an approval code from the instructor in order to self-enroll.

3) I’m currently not in any classes and all the classes are full.  What do I do?

You can attempt to “add” (or “crash”) a course.  Determine which course you wish to take and attend the first class meeting.  The teacher will usually announce his/her process for adding any students, if possible.  You can also speak with the teacher at the end of the class to see if adding the course will be possible.

4) What if the teacher says they aren’t adding any more students?

At the end of class, you may want to politely ask if you can attend a couple more classes, just to see if anyone else drops.  If the instructor refuses, you will need to try another class.  Please respect the instructor’s need to maintain a reasonable course size.

5) What if I want to reach an instructor for an online class?  

You'll need to contact the instructor by e-mail.  You can go to to find the instructor's e-mail address.

6) What is an approval code?  

This is an individualized number that you will use to self-enroll into a closed class on-line.  Only the teacher can give you an approval code.  You will use this code when prompted to do so in the Student Self Service System.

7) Can I still add a class by using the Self-Service System on the SMC website?

You can add a class in this way only if the class is open, and it's not later than the night before the second class meeting.  If the class is closed or it is past that adding period, you must obtain an approval code from the teacher.  For example, if it's the first week of school, you can still add an open class that will begin the 3rd week of school.

8)  How can I see if any new courses have been added to the schedule?

Go to, click Class Schedules, then Searchable Schedule for the appropriate term.  This link will have the most updated course offerings.

9) I want to drop a class in which I’m already enrolled and add another section.  What should I do??  

Do not “Drop and Shop”.  Attend all classes you are currently enrolled in and do the required reading and assignments until you have received an approval code for another section.  Once you have received an approval code, you can drop the other section.

10) How do I find out what classes I should take?

A counselor can assist you in determining what classes you will need to meet your eventual goals.   If you already completed courses at another institution, please bring a copy of your transcripts and course descriptions.  Note that more than one meeting with a counselor may be necessary in order to determine applicability of credits to transfer institutions.  New students should visit the WELCOME CENTER.  Students who have taken college classes at another college should visit the Transfer Counseling Center.