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Santa Monica College|Enrollment Development|Admissions|Exceptions Summer 2007 through Spring 2012

Exceptions Summer 2007 through Spring 2012

Students may request to have up to two substandard grades discounted from their SMC GPA if a third enrollment or more in the same course took place during the period of  Summer 2007 - Spring 2012 and the resulting grade was an “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “F”, “Cr”, “NC”, “P” or “NP”. 
Please NOTE:  While this option may benefit most students, there are some cases in which students have already utilized a second "D" grade earned for an AA, IGETC/CSU certification and/or transfer purposes.  For these cases, the student will NOT be able to "slash" the second substandard grade.   Example two would be an example of such a case.  This is why we are not asking MIS to automatically slash all second substandard grades during the indicated time period.  Please review the three examples below to get a sense of how this will work:
1) Student first completed Psychology 1 in Spring 2005 and received an “F”.  She repeated the course in Summer 2007 and received another “F”.  Finally, she completed the course successfully in Summer 2010 and earned a “C”.  Presently, the  first “F” grade has already been discounted from the SMC GPA.  But now the student can also petition to have the second “F” grade discounted from her SMC GPA.
2) Student  first completed Economics 2 in Summer 2009 and received a “F”.  He attempted the course again in Fall 2009 and received a “D”.  Finally, in Summer 2011, he enrolled in the course a third time and received another “F”.  He has now  transferred to CSULB and the “D” grade earned in Economics 2 in Fall 2009 has been applied to his CSU GE certification and accepted at CSULB towards his Bachelor’s degree.  This student will not be able to  “discount” the “D” grade from his GPA and unit totals because the “D” grade earned in the second enrollment has already been applied to his CSU certification and transfer credit totals.
3) Student first enrolled in Math 2 in Summer 2010 and received a “D” grade.  She enrolled in the course a second time in Fall 2010 and earned another “D” grade   Finally, she earned a “B” grade in the course in Spring 2012.  She can now petition to have the “D” grade earned in the second enrollment  discounted from her SMC Grade Point average.
Side Note: if a student’s third enrollment or more in the same class occurred in Summer 2012 or later, the student does not need to request to have the second substandard grade discounted from his/her GPA, this should happen automatically.
If you feel that you meet the criteria for this exception to be applied, please click on this LINK, print and fill out the form and bring it to the Admissions Office.