Changes Made to Wait Pool and Wait List Processes

Faculty FAQ’s about the Wait List

Where can I find the Wait List for my class?

Login to mProfessor. You will see it as an option on the left. Click on it and your wait list for that section will appear.

What is this wait list for?

It’s a tool to help you manage the assignment of your Authorization (add) Codes. You are strongly urged to grant add codes using the prioritized wait list you get. Of course, if students on the wait list do not show up the first day of class, feel free to assign the seat to another student.

As a faculty member, what am I supposed to do with this wait list information?

It’s useful to print it for the first day of school along with your add code list so that you may use it to determine who should get add codes (if you’re giving any out). The list is chronological.

Why does my wait list keep changing?

It’s dynamic, just like the enrollment in your class. We will only show you the students who are currently in the list. If they get a chance to actually enroll into your section, or if they remove themselves from the list, students will no longer show up on this list and another student may take their place.