​​ Start Your Orientation

The initial password is your 6 digit birthday (mmddyy) if you have not gone through the password change process and activated your SMC Network account.

Do I need to complete Orientation if I previously attended SMC?

Due to the many changes in policy/process at Santa Monica College and other transfer institutions, students who have previously attended may be invited to complete Orientation. If you are attending SMC for the Summer/Winter Session only, you are not required to participate in orientation. Since orientation is a part of the state mandated process, your Fall/Spring enrollment date and time is only released after you complete the Online Orientation

Can I still complete Orientation if I have not taken my English and Math placement exams?

Yes. Although it is in your best interest to complete your placement exams prior to orientation to better plan your course schedule, you may complete your exams after orientation. Please visit the Assessment Center website for any questions regarding English and Math placement exams.

Should I complete the Orientation if I was disqualified?

Students who have been disqualified and are returning may be required to complete Orientation to revisit their educational objectives and receive the appropriate assistance for reinstatement.

What if I have additional questions after going through the New Student Orientation?

If you have additional questions, please visit our New Student Welcome Center on the main campus. We are located on the 1st floor of the Cayton Center, adjacent to the cafeteria.