Student Password Quick Reference

To improve student record security all students must change their default password from their date of birth (MMDDYY) in Corsair Connect.

What do I do now?

Once you’ve completed this one-time process, students can change and recover their password using security questions to verify their identity. This password is the same for most SMC systems that require a login.

I can't log in! What do I do now?!

First don’t panic—password recovery is now available online through the Corsair Connect. Go to the Corsair Connect (where you enroll in classes). Try your original password (hint this is your birth date MMDDYY)

Did you already change your password?

Remember, the password is case-sensitive. If yes—click on the “I cannot access my account” link below the login area to recover your password If you don’t recall your security words you’ll need to visit the admissions office to have them reset.

Should I use my computer/network username or student ID to login?

That’s easy! Use your Computer/Network Username everywhere except Corsair Connect. Your computer username and email are listed on the bottom of the main Corsair Connect page.

Where do I update or recover my password?

Go to Ask Pico and select “password” from the menu.

What if I don't know my student ID number?

There’s hope! If you’ve already changed your password and set the security questions, you can recover your Student ID by clicking on, “I cannot access my account.” If you haven’t updated your account or don’t have a copy of your SMC Welcome Letter, you will need to go to the Admissions Office with a photo ID to get this information or email the Admissions office from the email address you put in your application.

What about logging into my online classes?

Log into your online classes through Corsair Connect (where you enroll in classes). Click on the SMC Online link in Corsair Connect—near the center of the page.

More questions?

Want info fast and in a really cool location?! Go to Ask SMC and search for answers using keywords.