SMC COVID-19 Info 

Not Receiving Communications?

​​Do these things!

Do an Search and Make Sure You Did Not Unsubscribe

  • In your email, search for ANY emails from SMC using:
    • If you do not find any emails, search your spam
    • Try checking other email accounts
  • Make sure you did not unsubscribe yourself
    1. Scroll to the bottom of the email
    2. Click on “Remove me from future messages”
    3. Make sure ALL the boxes are clicked red (except the "I want to unsubscribe" button) and click on “Update My Subscription Preferences”

Contact Stay Connected

You can manually be added back into receiving SMC emails

  • FILL OUT THIS FORM to Opt-in to email messages
  • NOTE: This does not update Corsair Connect, please ALSO do the steps BELOW
  • If you have more questions send an email to:

Make Sure Your Contact Information is Updated in Corsair Connect

Log in to Corsair Connect

  1. Click the Enrollment tab
  2. Click on Profile/Preferences
  3. Check your personal email, home address, phone number and mark “Yes” for text messages
  4. Click “Submit Changes” in the bottom left

​Download the SMC Go app

  • Get it FREE at
    • Make sure you allow push notifications
    • After downloading the app, go to My Messages and “Opt-in” to any and all channels of interest for updates.

Other Things You Can Do!

  • Add to your email safe list of domains
  • Check your spam, and mark any messages from SMC and as safe
  • DO NOT unsubscribe from SMC emails (see step 1 above). This will remove you from most of the current and future messages from the college, and you will not receive important notices, such as those related to COVID-19.​