​​Requirements to Take Assessments

  • All students assessing at our facility are required to provide:

  • A government issued photo identification card (e.g., California driver's license, California ID card, passport, or military ID).

  • If you are still in high school or just graduated, a high school ID may be presented.

  • A second form of picture ID may be required in some cases. Be sure to bring two forms of ID with you.

  • Photocopies of IDs, passports, etc., will not be accepted under any circumstances.

  • We will not be able to assess you without proper ID. If you have lost your ID, please go to your nearest DMV office to obtain a temporary driver’s license or ID. We will gladly accept a DMV printout (with verifying information).

  • You cannot assess for a course that you are currently enrolled in. For example: if you are enrolled in a Mathematics class, you will not be eligible to retake the Mathematics assessment test. Same applies for English, ESL, and Chemistry.

  • If you completed an English, ESL, Math or Chemistry class within the past three years, you do not qualify to reassess in each perspective discipline.