​​​Assessment Requirements

You are required to complete both an English/ESL and Math assessments for any of the following reasons:

  • Enrolling in more than six (6) units during your first semester (fall or spring, regardless of your academic goals with the exception of activity courses such as PE); or

  • Are enrolling in an English, ESL, or math course for the first time; or

  • Completed your first semester at SMC and did not complete the mandatory assessment requirement, but now wish to enroll in a second regular semester (fall or spring), even if you are not planning to take English/ESL, math or chemistry; or

  • Enrolling in your second semester at SMC and have not completed the assessments.


You may be temporarily waived from assessment if you:

  • Are enrolling in only up to six (6) units during your first semester (fall or spring) AND are not enrolling in English/ESL, math, or chemistry classes. You will be required to complete both assessments if you opt to enroll in more than six units or in the above courses; and before enrolling in the next regular semester.

  • Are enrolling in only winter or summer classes (not in English/ESL, math, or chemistry classes).

  • For more information, visit Waivers & Exemptions

Accepting Other Schools' Assessment Results

Out-of-State/Out-of-Area Students
If you wish to enroll at SMC, you may be permitted to complete the assessments at another institution.

  • You must complete the approved assessment instruments approved by SMC (see below for assessment names).

  • We will only accept assessment(s) raw scores for these assessments.

  • SMC will apply our own cut scores and other measures to determine your placement eligibility. Please note: Assessment results are only valid for within the past calendar year.

Los Angeles-Area & Ventura-Area Students
If you live in the greater Los Angeles/Ventura area, you must come to SMC to take your assessment.

  • Assessment results from other schools are not accepted.

  • Only students living outside the greater Los Angeles area (north of Santa Barbara, San Diego, San Bernardino and Riverside counties) can request to test at a remote location.

  • We are unable to assess students outside the United States.

Placement Assessment You Must Complete

English: You must take both of the following assessments:

  • ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension

  • ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills

ESL: You must take the three following assessments:

  • ACCUPLACER LOEP Language Use

  • ACCUPLACER LOEP Reading Skills

  • ACCUPLACER LOEP Sentence Meaning

Math: You must complete the Math Assessment:

What if I Don't Take the Assessments?

You won't be able to enroll in your fall or spring classes until you complete the assessment process. You are responsible for completing all steps of enrollment on time.