Santa Monica College Assessment Center

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Proctor Security Agreement for ACCUPLACER Test Administration

As a member of the Testing or Assessment Center at my college or university, I agree to administer the online ACCUPLACER test(s) to the student noted below in a secure, proctored environment and to be present throughout the testing session.

  • I agree to verify the identity of the student named below by the use of a government issued picture ID (e.g., driver’s license, passport, military ID);

  • I agree to take all necessary precautions and actions to ensure that the student observes appropriate academic integrity behaviors and that I will report to the Santa Monica College Assessment Center any violations committed by the student.

  • I acknowledge that all materials displayed by the ACCUPLACER system are copyrighted, and I agree NOT to reproduce these in any way or to share them with any unauthorized persons.

  • I further acknowledge that the student is not directly related to me nor do I have a relationship with him/her that may cause a conflict of interest in proctoring this examination.


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Student Information: