Los Angeles-Area & Ventura-Area Students

If you live in the greater Los Angeles/Ventura area, you must come to SMC to take your assessment. Assessment results from other schools are not accepted. Only students living outside the greater Los Angeles area (north of Santa Barbara, San Diego, San Bernardino and Riverside counties) can request to test at a remote location.

Note: We are unable to assess students outside the United States.

Out of Area/State Students

If you wish to enroll at SMC, you may be permitted to complete the assessments at another accredited college institution, but only if the assessments are the same as the ones used at SMC (see below for assessment names). Raw scores for these assessments must be provided.

English: Accuplacer Reading Comprehension & Sentence Skills

ESL: Accuplacer Reading Skills, Sentence Meaning and Language Usage

Math: Accuplacer Aritihmetic, Elementary Algebra and College level Math ​

What Students Need to Know

  • All requests for alternative assessment testing are processed within 5 to 7 business days.

  • Assessment testing can take 2-3 hours. Plan accordingly.

  • Proctors must be approved by the SMC Assessment Center. Authorized proctors are employees of a testing center or assessment center at a college, university or military facility. Relatives, friend or acquaintances, no matter their position, cannot serve as a proctor. We will verify the Proctor and have the right to refuse their service.

  • Tests must be administed at the Testing Center or Assessment Center at an accredited Instutition's testing site.

  • Fees: Some centers will charge a fee to proctor this exam. These fees are your responsibility and SMC will not reimburse you or directly pay proctoring fees.

  • Results are only valid for one calendar year. SMC will apply its own cut scores and other measures to determine your placement eligibility. Results are available within seven (7) business days of completion.

  • You can view your results in your SMC student records. Go to: Corsair Connect,
    (Click on Enrollment --> Student Records).

  • Waivers/Exemptions: If you have documentation waiving or exempting you from an assessment, visit Waivers or Exemptions.

For more information, go to New & Continuing Students.

Requesting an Accuplacer English/ESL or Math Assessment

  1. Contact the Assessment Center or testing center at your local accredited ​college, university, or military facility in the U.S., to determine if they are willing to administer the Accuplacer test(s).

    Note: It is not necessary for the college or facility to be an Accuplacer user. Let them know the Accuplacer test is administered remotely online on a secure server and SMC will provide the authorized proctor with the necessary login and administration instructions.

  2. Request the test and make sure you submit the proctor's contact information.

  3. Request an Accuplacer Test Today!

  4. SMC will verify the proctor and confirm that they will administer the Accuplacer test. The Accuplacer assessment must be completed within two weeks of making the testing arrangements with SMC. If your testing window expires, need to reschedule, change test locations, or cancel your test for any reason, you will be charged a $25 fee for a new registration appointment.