Retesting in English, ESL, Math

Retesting for English, ESL, Math is permitted twice within one calendar year (calendar year is defined as: the date of when your 2nd test was completed). You may retest two weeks after your initial assessment was completed. After that, retesting is permitted once every calendar year, provided you have not started the course sequence for the test you wish to retake.

Chemistry Challenge

Retesting for the Chemistry Challenge is permitted twice within the calendar year (calendar year is defined as: the date of when your 1st test was completed). You may retest only once after two weeks has passed. 

Retesting in Math Proficiency Assessment

You can only retake the Mathematics Proficiency Assessment once after eight (8) weeks from the date the test was first taken. Additional retesting will not be provided. Make sure you review and prepare for the assessment.

Note: The Mathematics Proficiency Assessment is a different examination from the general math assessment. For more information, visit Mathematics Proficiency Assessment and Math Assessment.

Expiration of Assessment Results

English and English as a Second Language(ESL) assessment results are valid for one calendar year. Math assessment results are vaild for two calendar years.  Please make sure you enroll in the courses before the results expire. Once your results expire, you will be blocked from enrolling in those courses and will need to reassess.