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SMC|Enrollment Development|Financial Aid and Scholarships|10_30_09


How do I get a Work Study Job?

·          Go to the Student Employment website: to find a job through SMC.

·          After you find a job that interests you, contact the supervisor for an interview. Print out the
Student Employment Application/Contract and Payroll Forms from the SMC website.

·          Complete the "Student Section" and take it with you when you meet the potential supervisor of the job.

·          If you are hired, you will need to have the supervisor complete the rest of the application/contract. 

·          You will also need to get a live fingerprint scan done at Campus Police. You can obtain the form at the Financial Aid Office.

·          Submit the completed packet of all forms along with your application/ contract, pink copy or proof that you have submitted 
a live fingerprint scan and a copy of your signed social security card and drivers license to the Financial Aid Office.

      Students can begin working and using their Fall Semester allotment July 15, 2009-if they meet SMC’s enrollment requirements.