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You have successfully completed the financial aid application process for the 2009-10 school year! Here you will find
answers to questions you may have about the financial aid process. Please note that you are required to complete
the "online" Financial Aid Orientation at:

Do I receive all the money on the award letter? 

For Grants
- the amount listed for the Pell, SEOG, ACG, and Cal Grants is based on full-time attendance. Students
usually get 2 checks (for each grant) per semester. If you are enrolled at the following enrollment leveles:

Full-time (12 or more units) will receive 100% of the grant.

3/4 time (9 to 11/5 units) will receive 75% of the grant.

1/2 time (6 to 8.5 units).......... you will receive 50% of the grant.

Note: If you are enrolled in less than 6 units, you will not qualify for an  SEOG Grant or Cal Grant. You may qualify for
a "Less than 1/2 Time" Pell Grant.

For Work-Study - the award amount listed for Federal Work study or Cal Works is an allocation. You have to work to
earn the money.
Note: The Work-Study Allocation is based on the availability of funds.

What happens if I drop my classes after I receive my financial aid checks(s)?
If you receive your first payment based on an enrollmet level of Full-time, 3/4 time, or 1/2 time and then DROP to "less
than 1/2 time" BEFORE the FACD you will be considered to have been overpaid. You will need to repay the overpay-
in order to continue to receive financial aid.

What is the Financial Aid Census Date (FACD)?
The Financial Aid Census Date FACD is the day SMC will take a "snapshot" of your enrollment for the semester. This
enrollment snapshot will determine your eligibility for the Pell Grant, SEOG Grant, ACG Grant, and CAL
Grant B & C.

What is the Return to Title VI Federal Law?
Federal Law states that if you completely withdraw from all of your classes before completing 60% of the semester, you may be requred to pay back the "unearned" portion of the federal aid that you received.

If possible, before withdrawing, please see an SMC Financial Aid Counselor and discuss your academic or personal reasons for completely withdrawing from college. Perhaps you can stay in school, but take fewer courses. 

How do I get a Work-Study Job?
If you are awarded a Federal Work-Study (FWS) allocation you must do the following:

§   Go to the Student Employment website: to find a job through SMC.

§   After you find a job that interests you, contact the supervisor for an interview. Print out the Student Employment Application/Contract and Payroll Forms from the SMC website.

§   Complete the "Student Section" and take it with you when you meet the potential supervisor of the job.

§   If you are hired, you will need to have the supervisor complete the rest of the application/contract. The supervisor will give you two payroll forms that you will need to complete.

§   Submit the completed application/ contract, the two payroll forms, and bring a copy of your signed Social Security Card and Drivers License to the Financial Aid Office. Students can begin working and using their Fall Semester allotment July 15, 2009-if they meet SMC’s enrollment requirements.




































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DATES FOR 2009-2010

Fall 09........Nov 8, 2009
Spring 10.......April 25, 2010


DATES FOR 2009-2010

Fall 09........Nov 2, 2009
Spring 10.......April 26, 2010


Only one school for Financial Aid


2009 - 2010
Federal Financial Aid

Students may be
eligible for financial aid.
Check in the
Financial Aid Office
for more information.