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You can hire a student worker  through Student Help, by completing a Job Opening Form and either emailing it to, or by placing it in inner office mail addressed to Marcia A. Lewis/SMC Career Services Center.  We will then list your job on our website, where it will be available to all students.   Please note that the funding for Student Help jobs comes from your department budget. 

You can also hire students through the Federal Work Study Program.  The Federal Work Study (FWS) Program is one of our many Federal Aid programs at SMC.  Students must apply each year for Federal Financial Aid.    When students are awarded FWS, they receive detailed instructions on how to find a FWS job and which documents they must submit to the Financial Aid Office.  

Please note that all FWS job authorizations are for a specific period of time--usually for the academic year which ends on June 30.   FWS job authorizations do not roll over from year to year.   Students that are working under FWS funding in a given school year are not guaranteed a FWS job for the following year.  They need to re-apply for the following academic year, remain eligible for FWS, and be awarded for FWS--before they can begin working again through the FWS Program. 

When departments want to hire students through the FWS Program, they should first ask the student for their current year Financial Aid Award Letter.  If they have an FWS award, the department can submit the employment contract (and other payroll documents) to the Financial Aid Office.  If the student has not received an award letter, or has not received an FWS allocation, he/she can inquire about the status of his/her Federal Aid application  (and an FWS award) at the Financial Aid Office.

You will need Adobe Reader to open and print the Job Opening Forms and Payroll Forms.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, click this box to go to the Adobe website and download the free Adobe Reader software:




Download Adobe Acrobat

To hire a student, you must complete the Hiring Department section of the student applicant's Application/Contract
then return it to the student.  You must also print the three required payroll forms and give these to the student. 

Tell the student to take the completed application, the payroll forms, and his/her ID and Social Security card to the
Financial Aid Office.  The student's paperwork will then be forwarded to Human Resources.  All students need to
be fingerprinted in the SMC Police Department located on Pearl Street. After all the student paperwork is processed,
you will receive an e-mail Authorization to Work for the student, usually within two weeks. 
Do not allow a student to work until you have received the Authorization to Work.

More detailed information about the Student Employment Program at SMC is available in the
Student Employment Manual for Supervisors and Employers.

Payroll Forms

Use this link to print out the entire 12 page STUDENT EMPLOYMENT PACKET OF FORMS.


  • Fingerprint forms can be obtained at the Financial Aid Office and taken to
    Campus Police daily from 10:00-11:00am or 2:00-3:00pm.