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SMC|Enrollment Development|Financial Aid and Scholarships|Cal Grant Submission Process

Cal Grant Submission Process

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The CAL Grant GPA Submission Process:

1) SMC will create a file that will include every student who has earned SMC units in the last 10 years--
    if they meet the following criteria:

     a) earned 16 units of degree applicable units (remedial units are excluded)
     b) have an SMC overall GPA of 2.0 (or better)

If a student meets the 16 units/ with a 2.0 GPA criteria....then there is no need to complete the form.
They will be automatically included in the file.

Student's files will then be submitted electronically by the March 2 deadline.

PLEASE NOTE: The list will be available fy February 24, 2010. Please call the Financial Aid Office to
verify your information.

2) The only time the form needs to be completed manually is when a student has earned less than 16 degree
     applicable units at SMC and have units from some other college or university that are not in the SMC system.
     (The total must be 16 or more units.)  In this case, a manual GPA calculation must be completed. The Financial
     Aid Office will then submit these calculations manually.

Manual Calculations:

a) SMC must have official transcripts received -- from other schools attended. (Hand delivered transcripts will 
    not be accepted

b) Students must also have earned SMC degree applicable units. (If there are no SMC units, you must go 
    back to your previous college for the GPA calculation.)

Note: If the student doesn't have 16 degree applicable college units -- you must then go back to your high
school for your GPA calculation.

The deadline to receive transcripts is Friday, February 26, 2010.