Full-Time Student Success Grant (FTSSG)

Eligibility Requirements

At SMC, a student must: 

  • Receive a Cal Grant B 

  • Be a full-time student: Be enrolled in 12 units for each fall and spring semesters. Full-time is a student who is enrolled in 12 or more units for a primary term. 


The Full-Time Student Success Grant (FTSSG) was created by California Senate Bill 93, the 2015 Budget Act, was signed by the Governor on June 24, 2015 initiating a grant program for California Community College students. The program provides funding to provide for supplemental grants Cal Grant B recipients who have already received a full-time Cal Grant B award payment.  The award at Santa Monica College is $1,000 per year/$500 for Fall and $500 for Spring.

Community College Completion Grant (CCCG)

Eligibility Requirements

From Senate Bill 85, Section 12: Per Section 88651 of the California Education Code, a student attending Santa Monica College may receive a Community College Completion Grant if the student meets the following criteria:

  1. Received FTSSG in each term the student receives CCCG.
  2. Is enrolled at an eligible institution and has a completed ED plan including:
    1. Associate Degree program
    2. California Teacher Education certification
    3. University Transfer Requirements
    4. Other California Community College Certification.
  3. Not incarcerated
  4. Not in default or repayment for state or federal student loans.
  5. The student maintains a grade point average of at least 2.0 and complies with any one of the following:
    1. Enrolls in 15 or more credit hours per semester and is on track for an associate degree or to otherwise transfer to a four-year university within two years.  This can be 12 hours during the primary semester and summer hours provided the student remains on track as described above.
    2. Enrolls in a sufficient number of hours per semester to be considered on track to receive a certificate for a career technical education program or other certificate within the published length of time, or within the length of time plus one year if the student is required to take basic skills courses by Santa Monica College.
  6. The student is a resident, or exempt from paying nonresident tuition. 

About CCCG

The grant award is $1,500 annually, shall be considered a supplement grant and shall not supplant any other grant, fee waiver, or scholarship aid received by the student. The grant shall be need-based and shall not exceed the calculated level of financial need of the applicant.