1. To apply for a job, you must meet the basic requirements listed on the "Work Requirement" page and the requirements stated on the job description form.
  2. Student Workers may work up to 19.50 hours per week during the Fall and Spring semesters and up to 30 hours per week during the Winter and Summer terms. Students cannot work more than 7 hours in one day. The scheduled work hours of a student are based on the needs of the hiring department. All student worker jobs currently pay $10.00 per hour.
  3. F-1 Visa (international) students may work on campus as Student Help employees if they have a Social Security Card and are currently enrolled in 12 or more units (Fall and Spring). If the student does not have a SS card, the student will be provided with a form letter to take to the Social Security Office (along with his or her Passport and I-20) in order to apply for a SS card.
  4. Available jobs are listed here.
  5. When you find a job you want to apply for, you must print the Student Employment Application/Contract from the website and complete the entire student section of the form. Make sure to write the Job Code from the Job Opening listing on the application.
  6. Take the completed application to the student worker supervisor in the department to which you are applying for a job. The name and location of the person responsible for the interviews is on the Job Opening listing.
  7. After your interview and/or written exam, IF the supervisor wants to hire you, he/she will complete the bottom portion of your Student Employment Application/Contract. The supervisor will return the Student Employment Application/Contract to you and give you the following three payroll forms to complete: W-4, Warrant Designation form and Emergency Contact Information form.
  8. You must take your completed Student Employment Application/Contract, the three payroll forms and your signed SS Card and driver's license (or other accepted ID) to the Student Employment Specialist in the Financial Aid Office.
    • If this job includes working with kids ages pre-school to 12, you must take a TB test.
    • If you will be working with Disabled Students, you must have a TB test.
    • All SMC jobs require fingerprinting. You will need to obtain a form from the Financial Aid Office to take to Campus Police.
  9. It is also mandatory that you read and sign the SMC: Confidentiality Memo/Agreement policy regarding privacy of student records and include it with your Student Employment Application/Contract packet of employment forms. And to finish the application process you must complete the FERPA TRAINING.
  10. After all of the required paperwork has been submitted to the Financial Aid Office, it will be checked for accuracy and completeness. Your number of enrolled units, your job type, and other job requirements will also be checked. Upon completion, the paperwork will forwarded to Human Resources so that your job will be entered into the computer. An e-mail work authorization will be sent to the hiring department, usually within two business days.
  11. Report to your new supervisor to learn if he/she has received the email authorization for you to work. If the department has not received that authorization within two business days, return immediately to the Financial Aid Office to determine what still needs to be done. All problems must be resolved BEFORE you can start working.
  12. After you have become employed, you must SIGN IN each day when you start work and OUT when you leave. Keep your work hours to even half-hour segments as the SMC computer time cards cannot count smaller amounts. You must work the times that you are scheduled to work. DO NOT work extra hours or change your schedule without discussing it with your supervisor.
  13. By law, you must be given a 15 minute break (with permission) for each 4 hours you work, usually about halfway through the four-hour shift. Break time is paid time. You must be given a 30 minute lunch (with permission) if you are scheduled to work more than 5 hours. Lunch time is not paid time, and you need to sign out and then sign in when you return from lunch.
  14. Students’ computer time cards are printed twice each month, on (or near) the 15th and 30th and sent to the supervisors through campus mail. Your supervisor must fill out your time card, then you both must sign your time card. If your time card is missing a signature, your check will be not be mailed to you.
  15. You will receive your first paycheck approximately four weeks after your start date. Paychecks are mailed to your home on (or near) the 10th and 25th of each month. Pay schedules are available at here or in the Financial Aid Office.
  16. Watch the “Hours Remaining” box on your time card. If the hours are getting low (30-40 hours remaining) tell your supervisor immediately. If you are a Student Help worker, your supervisor may request that your hours be increased. If you are a FWS student worker, contact your Financial Aid Technician before you are out of hours to find out if your FWS award can be increased. If you have a FWS award which has not been increased, you MUST stop working when you are out of hours.
  17. If you move, you must fill out a Change of Address form for Student Employment, Admissions and Financial Aid. If you change your name, you must bring in your Social Security card with your NEW name on it to these same offices.
  18. Student employees must always be under the DIRECT supervision of a district employee.