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SAP Policy

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Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Students that receive Federal Student Aid (and Cal Grants) are required to adhere to the following:

1. Maintain an overall GPA of 2.0.

2. Complete your educational goal within the maximum time frame.

    This means that you must finish your goal by the time you attempt a certain number of units.

    Students in 60 unit AA/AS and 4-year transfer program: You must complete your studies by the time 
    you attempt 90 units.

    Students in vocational programs: You must complete your studies by the time you attempt 150% of the
    published length of your program.

    Example: If your program requires 30 units. You must complete your program by the time you attempt 45 units.

3. Progress at a pace that would see you complete your 60 units of transfer or AA requirements 
     by the time you attempt 90 units. In other words, you need to complete 67% of all units attempted. 
     If your completion rate falls below 67%, you are not meeting the "pace" requirement.

FAQs About SAP

What if my GPA is below 2.0 or my pace (completion rate) is below 67%?

You will be placed on Financial Aid Warning for the semester.

You can still receive aid during a probationary semester. However, your progress will be assessed after the term
is over.

If your pace and GPA do not meet the minimum standards – you will be placed on Financial Aid Warning.
Please Note: Students who have failed to reach a 2.0 GPA by the end of a semester after receiving a 
Financial Aid Warning - will be placed on Financial Aid Disqualification.

What happens if I exceed the maximum time frame?

You will be placed on Financial Aid Disqualification.

What happens if I am placed on Financial Aid Disqualification?

Students on Financial Aid Disqualification—for either exceeding the maximum time-frame or for GPA and/or pace   issues—are not eligible for financial aid. However, they may go through an appeal process and request financial aid reinstatement.

How do ESL, remedial, and transfer courses factor into SAP status?

Up to 30 units of (non-degree applicable) remedial or ESL coursework will be excluded from the maximum time frame assessment -they will be counted for GPA and pace assessments. Transfer courses, generally factor into maximum time frame assessments. In addition, GPA and “comp rate” from other schools may also affect probation status.

Please Note: All students with bachelor degrees will be considered to have exceeded the maximum time frame and must be approved by an appeal committee before being funded.

Please Note: For more information regarding SMC's Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy - please go to the
SAP Policy fact sheet and 
Section 7 of the Financial Aid Orientation.