Assessment Test Requirements

All new incoming students without previous college work in the U.S. are required to take a math and an ESL/English assessment test before meeting with a counselor and completing their enrollment. 

All non-native English speakers should take the ESL test rather than the English test. Test results can place the student in ESL or College Composition. Placement results will assist counselors in placing students into appropriate level courses. Both tests are required to complete your enrollment. Students are strongly advised to be prepared and well-rested prior to taking their tests.

Students who have taken ESL or English classes at another U.S. institution may also be required to take the ESL or English Assessment. U.S. college or university transcripts may be reviewed for possible ESL/English and/or math assessment waivers. See Assessment Test Waivers below. 

Retaking Assessment Tests

Students may repeat the assessment tests only once after a two-week wait period.  Keep in mind that retesting will delay your enrollment due to the two-week wait period and may significantly affect the class offerings available to you.

Assessment Test Waivers

Students who have taken a math or English course at another U.S. institution may request to have their transcripts reviewed by a counselor to determine whether they can be waived from one or both tests. Students may submit transcripts and syllabi through or meet with an international counselor on-campus. Students are encouraged to provide a copy of their most current transcript along with a course syllabus.​

How to Prepare for Assessment Tests

A thorough review of the information in the Assessment Center website is highly recommended.​