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Homestay Programs

If you prefer to live with a host American family, you may wish to look into a Homestay Program.  These programs are arranged through private companies that charge a fee to match you with a compatible, pre-screened family.  Your living arrangements would depend on your personal preferences as well as those of the host family.  The host family often provides meals; typically the student would have a private bedroom and share a bathroom with members of the family.  In most cases, a refundable damage deposit will be charged in addition to the processing fee and the monthly rent. Prices vary greatly by company and facilities provided.  Each of these private companies has its own rules and regulations; SMC does not monitor or administer these programs.  Applications must be submitted directly to the organization and processed prior to your arrival.  Keep in mind that some of these companies require full payment in advance. 

The following are some organizations that you may contact: