South Africa -  Information for Winter 2019 coming this summer ​ 

​Winter 2018

South Africa Winter Study Abroad Flyer​

Join SMC professors Wilfred Doucet and Janet Harclerode on a study abroad program to learn more about the rich history of South Africa during the Winter 2018 session. South Africa is home to diverse populations, modern international cities, and breathtaking natural beauty. You will study at the University of Cape Town and visit historic Johannesburg and several local township communities.

The program includes a safari in Kruger National Park and visits to historical and cultural sites, such as Table Mountain, District Six in Cape Town’s city center, Robben Island where Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners were incarcerated during apartheid, and much more. You will also have the opportunity to participate in at least two service learning projects designed to provide direct immersion into the culture through community-based experiences.

Successfully completing the program earns 6 units of SMC credit that is IGETC, UC/CSU transferrable:

  • English 2: Critical Analysis and Intermediate Composition* (3 units)
    *Prerequisite English 1

  • Linguistics 1: Introduction to Linguistics (3 units)

Note: You may still enroll in the trip even i​​f you have already completed either of the above courses. Y​​ou will be taking Humanities 88C or Linguistics 88C instead of the above.

Students who successfully complete a minimum of three academic units while attending a SMC Study Abroad program will fulfill SMC’s Global Citizenship graduation requirement for the Associate degree.

Course Descriptions

English 2 – Critical Analysis and Intermediate Composition* – 3 units

Professor Wil Doucet, IGETC Area Transfer: UC, CSU

*Prerequisite: English 1

Course Objectives: English 2, Critical Analysis of Literature and Intermediate Composition, helps students develop their critical thinking and writing skills beyond the level of English 1. Through critical analysis of fiction, poetry and drama, we will examine the ways in which literature both represents and expresses our experiences as individuals and as members of communities, including the global community.

Student Learning Outcomes: The student will identify the ways in which prose narratives, poetry, and drama are shaped by an author’s social, historical, moral, psychological, and/or philosophical assumptions, so that the student can recognize and examine in writing the assumptions and values that frame his or her own critical responses.

Linguistics 1: Introduction to Linguistics – 3 units

Professor Janet Harclerode, IGETC Area Transfer: UC, CSU

This course introduces students to the study of language by providing a basic overview of the field of linguistics and its three dimensions of language structure: the sound system (phonetics and phonology), vocabulary (morphology), and grammar (syntax) and the way linguistic structure and context give rise to meaning (semantics and pragmatics). In addition we will consider how social practices shape and are shaped by language use (sociolinguistics) and how language is acquired and learned. The goals of the course are to provide a grounding in linguistics as a field of study, to provide basic analytic skills for viewing and discussing language from a variety of perspectives, and to bring students to a greater awareness of the relevance of language in our daily lives. While in South Africa students will observe examples of the concepts studied in advance of the trip and analyze their observations of language use, written language, language policy, and regional and social variation in language from a linguistic perspective.

Faculty Biographies

Info Sessions

  • Tuesday, 10/10/17 – HSS 252 - 11:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Program Details

Program Steps

  • Classes at SMC: January 2 - 10 and February 5 - 8, 2018

  • Dates in South Africa: January 11 - February 3, 2018

  • Application Deadline: Thursday, October 19, 2017 by 12 noon

  • Refund Deadline: Friday, November 9, 2017

Program Cost: $4,900

* Program fee: $4,900 includes RT airfare LAX to South Africa, housing, transportation, some meals, travel insurance, and some excursions while in South Africa. Program fee DOES NOT INCLUDE: Tuition for classes, personal spending money, excursions and meals not cited in the itinerary, passport, visa, books/supplies, and inoculations.

REFUNDS: No refunds after final deposit is paid- Friday, November 9, 2017


SMC Global Citizenship Scholarships from $500 to $2000 will be awarded to defer some of the cost of Study Abroad South Africa. The scholarships are need based.

Scholarships cannot be applied to the initial deposit of $2000 which is due no later than Friday, October 6, 2017

Requirements for the Global Citizenship Scholarship are:

  • Be a full-time Santa Monica College student in Fall 2017 (currently enrolled in at least 12 units) or part-time with a minimum of 6 units during Spring 2017 semester and 6 units during Fall 2017 semester or 3 units in the summer session 2017 and 9 units in Fall 2017.

  • The application for Global Citizenship Scholarship is embedded in the application for South Africa Study Abroad. Please note that you need to meet with Stacy Neal (neal_stacy@smc.edu), Director of Financial Aid no later than Tuesday, October 31st. Permanent Residents/U.S. citizens, you need to have completed a FAFSA prior to this meeting. If you are an F-1 international student, there is a form that Stacy Neal can provide you regarding your economic situation.

Eligibility Requirements



You must be 18 years old or older by November 9, 2017.

SMC Student

You must be an SMC Student, you'll need to enter your SMC Student ID on the application.

If you are not an SMC student, please apply here: www.smc.edu/admissions

You must have taken and passed with a grade of C or better, or currently be taking English 1 this Fall 2017. If completed at another college transcripts may be required.


You must have a valid passport by October 19, 2017.

If you hold a U.S passport, you do not need a visa to travel to South Africa.

If you are a permanent resident or SMC F-1 Visa student, please contact the Los Angeles Consulate of South Africa to find out visa requirements.


You must make all required payments by the deadlines below

You must pay the program fee in full

You must pay for your course tuition and fees. These are not covered in the Program Price. These may be covered by Financial Aid. Please check with the financial aid office regarding applying aid to your tuition and fees.


Online Study Abroad application

PDF FileOverseas Release Form

PDF FileMedical Release Form

Application Requirements


Complete the Study Abroad Application

October 19, 2017

Payment 1 of 2*: Submit a payment of $2,000** to the Int'l Education Counseling Center.

Hours of acceptance for deposits:
Mon 8am-3:30pm, Tues & Weds 8am -1:30pm, Thur & Fri 8am - 12 noon. 

Study Abroad office will be closed the week of Oct 23-27, 2017

October 19, 2017

Bring your passport, PDF Filemedical release, and PDF Fileoverseas release to the IEC

October 19, 2017

Pay for your course tuition and fees (this is not included in the program price).

November 13, 2017

Payment 2 of 2*: Bring your payment of $2,900 to the Int'l Education Counseling Center.

November 9, 2017

*All payments must be in the form of personal credit card, check, cashier's check, or money order. The account holder name and address must appear in the upper left hand corner of the check. The memo line should contain your name and SMC Student ID Number. All checks must be made payable to "Santa Monica College". If your check is returned, the Auxiliary office will place a hold on your account and assess a $25.00 returned check fee, to be paid directly to Auxiliary. You will need to make a new payment in a different form of payment; a returned check may result in the loss of your space on the program.There is a 3% fee for use of credit card.

**Please note the SMC Global Citizenship Scholarship cannot be used to cover the $2,000 first installment payment. If you are a recipient of the SMC Global Citizenship Scholarship will be credited toward the balance of $2,900. You will be responsible to pay any remaining balance by the deadline.

Online Application