The Office Of Outreach and Recruitment will only process the following waivers--all other requests WILL NOT BE PROCESSED:

  • English, ESL, and Math

General Instructions to Obtain a Prerequiste Waiver

Placement and prerequisite waivers may be granted under the specific circumstances. Please read below to determine if your request will qualify. Be sure to follow the procedure outlined; failure to do so will likely result in denial of the waiver. Note you will not be notified if you provide incomplete information.

  1. Complete, print, and fax the following prerequisite waiver form:

    PDF FileAssessment Waiver Checklist

  2. Be sure to include ALL information requested. Only completed forms will be considered. All others will be disregarded.

  3. Include a copy of your college transcript and the applicable course descriptions. A syllabus may be required. If based on AP, attach your AP Test Score Report.

  4. You will be contacted via your SMC email account with our decision. Waivers will be issued electronically and placed into your enrollment record. You may also review this by checking Corsair Connect (Enroll --> Student Records --> Placement History).

  5. FYI: If you have completed coursework at another college or university, it is very important that you get the coursework evaluated by a counselor for applicability in such areas as transfer and degree requirements as soon as possible.