Santa Monica College is here to help students like you achieve your goals and dreams. 

The six easy steps below help guide you through the process of becoming an SMC student. Each step is required. Enrolling in classes at SMC highlights your commitment to your future!

  1. Apply

    Applying for Admission to SMC is your first step. It's free and easy. Get started on the road to success and apply today. If you need help in the enroll, visit the Welcome Center.

  2. Prep2Test

    Prepare to take the Assessment Tests. Your placement determines which math and English/ESL course you start with, which determines how many courses you will need to take to complete your goal. Take it seriously and prepare.

  3. Assessment

    All first-time college students are required to complete both an English/ESL and a Mathematics assessment test prior to enrolling in a fall or spring semester.

  4. Orientation

    Orientation is a state mandated process and is required before an enrollment date will be released.

  5. Counseling and/or MyEdPlan

    Creation of an education plan is a required component for enrollment for new students. You can meet with a Welcome Center counselor for assistance with educational planning or you can use our award winning online, educational planning tool, MyEdPlan

  6. Enroll

    Once steps 1 through 5 are completed, you will be ready to enroll on the date and time assigned to you for the term.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​