Non-campus based Scholarships and grants are available from a variety of sources, including federal, state and local governments, foundations, community organizations, and private companies.

This page provides an introduction to the world of financial aid to attend U.S. schools, with special emphasis placed on scholarships and awards for youth philanthropy and community service.

Also see the sites listed under Government Funding and Scholarship Search because they often will provide information and resources on planning for college expenses.

  • Federal Consumer Information Center
    This government site provides links to information on financial planning for college.
  • FinAid
    A free, award-winning collection of financial aid information. Partners with FastWeb.
  • Foundation Center's User Aids
    Visit our list of print and Internet resources for students seeking financial aid.
  • Sallie Mae's College Answer
    Formerly known as Wiredscholar, this site provides calendars, checklists, charts and interactive tools to plan and organize your college research and to assess your options. Each month, it offers a drawing from among its registered users for a $1,000 scholarship.