​The SMC Success and Engagement Center currently offers proctoring services for approved OEI - California Community College Distance Education Proctoring Network. We reserve the right to deny proctoring services in some circumstances.

Space is limited, no same-day appointments for OEI testing.
You must schedule your exam(s) a minimum of (4) days in advance.

To sign up to take the OEI-Proctoring Services exam(s), your course must be listed on the OEI website for the current term you are requesting testing for. You must confirm that your course is on the list of approved courses. If your course is not listed on this site, you will need to sign up for regular proctoring services and pay required fees.

Submit Request Online

Students Responsibility

It is the student's responsibility to get the exam/exam directions sent to SMC prior to your scheduled appointment date. If your exam is not received prior to your scheduled appointment, you will be required to go back online and reschedule for a later date.

Proctoring Fees

There are no proctoring fees to complete the approved OEI-California Community College Distance Education Proctoring Network exams. Please note: If your exam is not part of the official OEI program of courses, your appointment will be canceled and you will need to reschedule through the Proctoring Services process. 

Campus Address and Success and Engagement Center Testing Location

Campus address: 1900 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica Ca, 90405

Test location: The Success and Engagement Center is located on Pico Blvd in the Student Services Building, first floor, across from Financial Aid.