​Due to the closure of in-person services, the Success and Engagement Center will be accepting waivers via email. 

​​Due to changes in our process, you must attach copies of your transcripts or test scores along with the waiver form. Incomplete documentation will not be accepted. ​Email all documents to SuccessandEngagement@smc.edu

The Success and Engagement Center/Counseling can only process waiver requests for the following classes:

  • English, ESL, and Math
  • Anatomy 1
  • Biology 21
  • Chemistry 11

Waivers for Other Chemistry, Physics & Biological Science

The Success and Engagement Center is NOT able to process these requests however directions for waiver requests are included below.

  • Biology 22, 23, Microbiology 1, Nursing 17, Physiology 3, course prerequisite waivers can only be granted by the Life Sciences Department (a course syllabus may be required).
  • Chemistry 12, 21, 22, 24 and Physics 7, 9, 22, 23, 24, course prerequisite waivers can only be granted by the Physical Sciences Department (a course syllabus may be required).

Send waiver requests to ScienceWaivers@smc.edu. Be sure to include scanned transcripts, web links to official course descriptions or course outlines, scanned syllabi (optional but recommended), and anything else you think would assist in verifying your waiver. Make sure to clearly state your waiver request, and include your complete name and SMC student ID#.

If you have questions regarding your waiver request, use the email above or contact the Sciences Department Office located in (SCI 258) at (310) 434-4788. You may also contact the appropriate Life Sciences or Physical Sciences Chair with questions about the process.

Waivers for Any Other Class with a Prerequisite

Waivers for courses not listed above are not required at the time of enrollment (e.g., Chemistry 10, Accounting). However, your instructor may require that you provide proof of prerequisite fulfillment on the first day of class. You should bring a copy of your transcript on that day.

Processing Waivers Time

Due to the high volume of waivers submitted to the Success and Engagement Center, it is very likely that your request could take up to 7 business days to be processed. You may go to the Transfer/Counseling Center to request your waiver in person for English, ESL, Math, Anatomy 1, Biology 21 and Chemistry 11.

General Instructions to Obtain a Prerequisite Waiver

Placement and prerequisite waivers may be granted under the specific circumstances noted below. Please read the appropriate section to determine if your request will qualify. Be sure to follow the procedure outlined; failure to do so will likely result in denial of the waiver. 

Note: you will not be notified if you provide incomplete information.

Select one (1) option. I am seeking a waiver based on