Green Screen Series FlierVanishing of the Bees

Documentary Screening and Q&A with Director/Producer George Langworthy

​Filmed across the US and in Europe, Australia, and Asia, the documentary Vanishing of the Bees examines the alarming disappearance of honeybees and the greater meaning it holds about the relationship between humanity and mother earth. George Langworthy, the film’s director/producer, is a
beekeeper and has produced, directed, and filmed documentaries about teenage environmental group Generation Earth, holistic therapies for AIDS, 16th-century philosopher Giordano Bruno, Modern Dance Theatre, and live performances of bands that include White Stripes, Train, and Devo.

Tue, September 25 | 6:30 p.m. | Free | Center for Media and Design, Auditorium

Erin Brockovich

Film Screening and Q&A with Producers Michael Shamberg and Carla Santos Shamberg

Inspired by the true story of a struggling single mother who became an environmental activist as she helped build a case of water contamination, Erin Brockovich focuses on the successful lawsuit and 1996 case settlement of $333 million, one of the largest ever in the U.S. for a directaction lawsuit. Producers Michael Shamberg and Carla Santos Shamberg will share their experiences in guiding the story from idea to script to a Best Picture Oscar nomination. Shamberg has produced films such as The
Big Chill, Get Shorty, and Django Unchained. Carla Santos Shamberg is the producer of Feeling Minnesota and Extraordinary Measures.

Tue, October 16 | 6:30 p.m. | Free | Center for Media and Design, Auditorium

Rock the Boat: Saving America's Wildest River

Film Screening and Q&A with Thea Mercouffer and George Wolfe

When kayaker George Wolfe, founder of LA River Expeditions, organizes a boating expedition down the Los Angeles River, he becomes entangled in a huge legal controversy. Rock the Boat: Saving America’s Wildest River uses
river images, insightful interviews, and humor to examine the challenges society faces providing clean water to urban populations. Award-winning director/producer Thea Mercouffer has also produced I Just Keep Quiet — a documentary on human trafficking — as well as a series in 6 languages on sexual harassment in Washington State, co-produced with the Refugee Women’s Alliance and Seattle Police Department.

Tue, November 13 | 6:30 p.m. | Free | Center for Media and Design, Auditorium

Born in China

Wildlife Film Screening and Talk with Executive Producer Paul Baribault

Disneynature’s Born in China, one of the top grossing nature films, features astonishing imagery as it explores China through the adventures of three animal families: the majestic panda, the savvy golden monkey, and the elusive snow leopard. Paul Baribault, a Vice President at Walt Disney Studios who leads Disneynature, as well as Studio Marketing Operations & Strategy for Pixar and Disney Animation Studios, will talk about the film and Disney’s conservation efforts with the World Wildlife Fund and local populations in China.

Tue, November 27 | 6:30 p.m. | Free | Center for Media and Design, Auditorium