​​​​​​​​​​​Call for Faculty Proposals for Field Studies Abroad 
Spring Break 2019​​
Application Deadline Extended to August 30, 2018​ ​


Santa Monica College is pleased to announce the 2019 Field Studies Abroad Program.  The program will offer one academic credit and meet the course outline of record for the course included in the program.  The Field Studies Abroad programs will take place over the SMC Spring Break 2019 (April 6-14, 2019).  The proposed field studies courses are elective units, with appeal to a broad spectrum of students.  A great advantage of such an offering abroad is for participants to develop research skills in the field which may distinguish them from other students/candidates when transferring and applying for other competitive opportunities.


The college will support up to two proposals for the SMC Field Studies Abroad programs that draw upon the faculty members' expertise and offer students a rewarding experience.  In developing proposals, keep in mind the following guidelines:


Field Study Abroad programs are an important part of the college's efforts to encourage students to become global citizens.  These programs are also important for professional development, to encourage faculty to remain current with their disciplines, and to become more aware of different cultures throughout the world.


Faculty members are encouraged to identify field studies opportunities that are particularly suited to being offered in a foreign setting.  Full-time and/or part-time faculty members are welcome to apply.   Applicants must have a minimum of one academic year of SMC teaching experience to be eligible.  It is strongly encouraged that faculty members have prior experience leading student groups within the U.S. and/or abroad. Please find a description of the course below:


Global Studies 35 (1 unit)

This course supports a diverse range of academic offerings that combine field-based learning and/or research in the context of global citizenship. This course explores the human, scientific, theoretical and/or ecological dimensions of our world. Set in a variety of international and domestic locations, each field study offering will focus on a discipline specific aspect of the location to expand student understanding of both the discipline and the location.


For more information on the course, including a sample course outline for a discipline, please visit: http://www.curricunet.com/SantaMonica/reports/course_outline_html.cfm?courses_id=2555


The program is structured around these principles:


  • Intensity of Experience – Instead of going on a bus tour that skims the surface of many places, students gain a deep understanding of the environment, people, and culture of one area or region.
  • Affordability – To encourage broad participation, the costs will be kept as low as possible.
  • Safety – The program will be structured to minimize risk.
  • Unifying Theme – To provide students with a sense of the program's purpose and over-arching questions.


Application Deadline: 12 PM on Thursday, August 30, 2018