2017-2018 Global Grant Events and Projects:

2016-2017 Global Grant Events and Projects:

Veronica Casillas, Counselor
S​MC Student Farmers Market


SMC Counselor Veronica Casillas helped establish a weekly Farmers Market for SMC students. Students are trained by Food Forward to become leaders and glean produce at local farmers markets. They bring the produce back to campus and distribute it to students. With a Global Grant Ms. Casillas was able to purchase signage for the Farmers Market and tote bags for students to carry their fresh produce. The graphics were designed by SMC Marketing employee, Vivian Chu. ​

Kaya Foster, Student Greening Program Director at Sustainable Works​​ 

4th Annual Ecofeminism Conference
The theme of the 4th Annual Ecofeminism Conference on April 22​, 2017 was "Artivism" focusing on the unique power of aesthetics and visual culture to bridge language and culture barriers and stimulate open-ended conversation and understanding about gender equity and environmental issues. Pictured above: Charlotte Cressey, Isabella La Rocca, and Kaya Foster. 

Professor Keiko Tsurumi
East Side Sushi Film Screening and Discussion

On April 27, 2017 the film, East Side Sushi, was screened on campus. The writer and director of this film, Anthony Lucero (pictured above on left side), spoke about the challenges of making this film. Also present to answer questions were sushi chefs from the Sushi Chef Institute (pictured on right side, ​Chef Anraku, Chef Andy Matsada, Anthony Lucero,and Chef Rogelio Cervantes). The film follows the struggles of a Latina single mother who attempts to become a sushi chef and the challenges she faces in the male-dominated world of traditional Japanese gastronomy.
​Professor Roman Ferede
​Louis Stokes Midwest Center of Excellence (LSMCE) Conference

​On October 28-29 2016 Professor Roman Ferede accompanied three SMC students, L-R Edwin Rashidi, Miguel Macias, and Simon Valenzuela to the LSMCE conference in Lisle, Illinois. The students presented a project about carotenoid extraction. This project had previously won first place in scientific research poster at the SMC Global Citizenship Symposium in May 2016.

Simon Valenzuela wrote: 
"Being in an environment where everyone around you is interested in the same things you’re interested in, in this case STEM academia and research, you tend to relish in these moments and take it all in. The whole time I was there I felt like I mattered and that the work I did was important, but at the same time I saw that everyone else mattered and that the work that they did was important. So, I began to feel obliged to share my work and listen to what others had been working on, I suppose this is what being and feeling like a scientist is like. Producing and receiving information that propels the scientific community and henceforth the world." 

Professor Marisol Moreno
​Quetzal:  Collective Songwriting Workshop and Community Concert

Sponsored by Global Citizenship, the SMC History Department, the SMC Latino Center’s Adelante Program, the SMC Black Collegians Program, IDEAS at SMC, the Adelante Club, the SMC English Department, and the SMC Associates 

Grammy® Award-winning Quetzal presented a two day event in September. The East LA Chicano rock group features renowned musical artivists Quetzal Flores (guitar), Martha González (lead vocals, percussion),Tylana Enomoto (violin),Juan Pérez (bass), Peter Jacobson (cello), and Alberto Lopez (percussion).

Day 1- Workshop-September 20, 2016

A conversation and collaboration on lyrics and melodies where exchanged with students and Quetzal’s members on a range of socially relevant issues.

DAY 2- Concert- September 22, 2016

Students and SMC community enjoyed a festive Quetzal concert featuring the premiere performance of the work created at the workshop on Day 1.

2015-2016 Global Grant Events and Projects:​

Professor Melanie Klein
Kaya Foster, Student Greening Program Director at Sustainable Works​

3rd Annual Ecofeminism Conference

On Saturday, April 23, 2016 the 3rd Annual Ecofeminism Conference took place on the SMC Campus. With help from the SMC Global Citizenship Initiative and the SMC Associated Students, organizers were able to provide an exciting and meaningful program that used an ecofeminist framework to explore the SMC Global Citizenship Theme; “Gender Equity: Is Equity Enough?”.​ A  series of presentations examined what types of environmental policies create true gender equity. To read in depth biographies of presenters and organizers visit 3rd Annual Ecofeminism Conference​.

Professor Janet Harclerode

ESL21A - Los Angeles Theme

During Spring 2016 students in  ESL 21A focused on themes related to the cultural life of Los Angeles: Pet Ownership; Sabato Rodia, Noah Purifoy, the Watts Towers, and the LA River. For an upclose view of the topics, the class embarked on 3 trips, two of which were sponsored by the Global Citizenship Initiative. Writing assignments included the topics of pet ownership, the influence of art on people’s lives, and the revitalization of the Los Angeles River. During the second 8 weeks students moved up to ESL 21B, where they studied and wrote about the themes of global citizenship, social responsibility, and gender equity.​

Professor Nate Brown

Japanese National Debate Team vs. SMC Debate Team
"Should the US Implement Significant New Gun Control?"
March 10, 2016

Nate Luis Japanese Debate Team
Naruhiko Nakano, Professor Nate Brown, Masaya Sasaki, Professor Luis Andrad

In March 2016 two members of the Japanese National Debate Team, Naruhiko Nakano and Masaya Sasaki, visited Santa Monica College to debate the SMC Debate Team on the issue of gun control. The event was organized by Professor Nate Brown , Communication Studies, and funded in part by the SMC Global Citizenship Initiative. The Japanese debaters visited a Com 21 Argumentation class to speak about communication, debate, and persuasian but when the SMC students started asking questions, it quickly shifted from debate topics to an intercultural information exchange. After that the Japanese and the SMC debate teams debated on the topic of whether the US should have significantly higher gun control. The SMC team was represented by Stephanie Mendez and Alfredo Gama and the event was well attended by over 75 SMC students and faculty.

2013-2014 Mini-Grant Events and Projects:

Professor Jeff Crum

“The Question of War” Documentary Film

Screenshot from Jeff Crums film "The Question of War" of the Ghandi statue in Dupont circle in Washington DC
Pictured above, a screenshot from Jeff Crum's documentary film, "The Question of War"
of the Ghandi Statue in Dupont Circle, Washington DC, United States

Thanks to generous support from the Global Citizenship Initiative, Santa Monica College students and faculty have collaborated to produce a documentary film and web project that explores attitudes towards war and the perceived inevitability of future violent conflict.

The style of “The Question of War” is dialogue. The film includes interviews with peace authors David Swanson and Norman Solomon, war correspondent and publisher Helena Cobban, ex-Army Ranger Stan Goff and excerpts from a talk by the Dalai Lama. The perspectives and concerns of children from all over the world are also featured.

Professor Salvador Carrasco

West Coast Premiere of “Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Personal Portrait”

and Discussion/Q&A with the Filmmaker George Silano

Salvador Carrasco, Frank Dawson, and George Silano at MLK documentary screening
Pictured above from left to right: SMC Professor Salvador Carrasco, Head of SMC Film Production, SMC Associate Dean Frank Dawson, and filmmaker George Silano at the discussion and Q&A after the film.

On February 27, 2014, Santa Monica College’s Dept. of Communication and Global Citizenship presented the West Coast Premiere of rare untelevised footage ¬lost for decades in an obscure archive: “MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.: A PERSONAL PORTRAIT,” by Emmy award-nominated cinematographer, George Silano. The event was moderated by Prof. Salvador Carrasco, Head of SMC Film Production, and Associate Dean Frank Dawson, and after the screening there was a Q&A/discussion with the filmmaker, George Silano.

The event was filmed and edited by Prof. Carrasco’s filmmaking students...https://vimeo.com/97235363
...and it was also featured as the cover story of SMC's Corsair Newspaper:



Professsor Melanie Klein

1st Annual SMC Global EcoFeminism Conference

GlobalGirl Media panelists Alejandra Castillo, Rebecca Ruvalcaba, Francesca Guerrini, and Gillian Grebler, with conference chair Professor Melanie Klein (photo courtesy of Anais Walsdorf)
Pictured above, from left to right: SMC Professor/Ecofeminism Conference Chair Melanie Klein with GlobalGirl Media panelists Alejandra Castillo, Rebecca Ruvalcaba, Francesca Guerrini, and Gillian Grebler
(photo courtesy of Anais Walsdorf)

Over 350 students and community members registered to attend the 1st annual SMC Global Ecofeminism Conference, held on Saturday, April 26th, 2014. The conference examined how a range of environmental issues such as climate change, unequal access to natural resources, and exposure to toxins, relate to the concepts of conflict, violence, security, etc in the lives of women around the world, and how women in a variety of professions are working on solving these problems.

The conference consisted of 6 topic panel discussions with over 25 esteemed panelists, and a morning and afternoon keynote presentation. During lunch, attendees visited tables hosted by non-profit organizations and local artisans, purchased food from a sustainable and charitable food truck, and were blessed by a ritual dance from a local Native American organization. The conference was organized by SMC faculty Melanie Klein and Sustainable Works Student Program Director Kaya Foster, supported by an incredibly dedicated group of SMC student organizers, Antioch University faculty Jane Paul, and SMC faculty Gillian Grebler.

Please visit www.smc.edu/ecofem for a full description of the conference programming and see photos from the event at the SMC Global Ecofeminism facebook page.

Professors Josh Kanin and Alan Buckley

Global Peace and Security Film Series

In spring 2014, the Global Citizenship Initiative underwrote a film series on the subject of “Peace and Security,” hosted by Film Studies professor Josh Kanin and Political Science professor Alan Buckley. Each screening welcomed standing-room-only audiences of students, faculty, and College community members.
Three films screened: White Light/Black Rain: The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Starship Troopers, and The Best Years of Our Lives. Each in its own way illustrated the tremendous human toll associated with war, insecurity, and humankind’s quest for world peace and justice. Audience discussion followed each screening and featured lively debate on the issues raised in each film.