​Thinking about Global Citizenship

​​​One of the first tasks undertaken by SMC's original Global Citizenship Task Force was to craft a working definition of the concept for the college. Here is what we came up with back in 2008:

To be a global citizen, one is knowledgeable of peoples, customs and cultures in regions of the world beyond one's own; understands the interdependence that holds both promise and peril for the future of the global community; and is committed to combining one’s learning with a dedication to foster a livable, sustainable world.

Similar sentiments subsequently were incorporated into the college's Vision, Mission, and Goals, but none of these statements are intended to be the final word on the subject. Indeed, global citizenship for SMC is as much about the perpetual discussion of what it means to be part of the global community of human and other beings on Planet Earth as it is adherence to any set of presumably timeless values. 

The following is a short list of key resources that might inform our evolving understanding of global citizenship. Rather than comprehensive, the list below is intended to just be a start. Thus, we welcome suggestions of additional resources from a wide range of historical, geographic, and ideological perspectives.

Email your ideas to Alexandra Tower​, Chair of the Global Council.

Landmark Documents

Additional Resources