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SMC|Human Resources|Human Resources Department|HR FAQs: Direct Deposit: Fact Sheet

HR FAQs: Direct Deposit: Fact Sheet


Direct Deposit Fact Sheet

Office of Human Resources

Direct Deposit Fact Sheet


IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING DIRECT DEPOSIT FOR PART TIME ADJUNCT FACULTY ONLY: Direct Deposit terminates at the end of each semester. It is your responsibility to submit the Continue/Reinstate Direct Deposit Form each semester if you want to continue Direct Deposit.

How do I sign up?

Complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form, attach a voided check and return to the Office of Human Resources by the timelines listed on the form. You can download the form here:  Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

Will I receive a paycheck stub?

Yes, you will continue to receive the same paycheck stub but instead of a check attached, there will be a dollar amount listed deposited to your account.

After I submit the Direct Deposit Form, will I receive any kind of notice about when Direct Deposit will begin?

Yes, twenty days prior to activating Direct Deposit, you will receive a $0.00 amount "pre-notification" deposit sent through your bank clearing system. This stub will also indicate the date your direct deposit status will become active.

What if I open a different account or move my account to another branch?

You must complete a Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

If I have a break in service, will my Direct Deposit continue when I return to work?

No. Your Direct Deposit will terminate at the end of your assignment and must be reinstated each semester that you accept a new work assignment. You can download the Reinstate/Continue Direct Deposit Form here:  Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

Where do I call if I have any questions?

Adjunct faculty should call the Office of Human Resources at (310) 434-4415.