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SMC|Human Resources|Human Resources Department|HR FAQs: Retirement Questions

HR FAQs: Retirement Questions


I plan to retire, but was told I will not have health benefits. Is that correct?

    A.  If you are a full time employee or faculty with at least 10 years of service at  SMC, and you are at least 55 years old, your contract allows you to have the   same benefits in retirement until the age of 65.


Who do I notify when I decide to retire?

   A.  Notify your immediate supervisor and the Human Resources Office.  Prior to your retirement date, you must contact a CalSTRS or CalPERS Representative.


If I am retired, do I lose my benefits when I turn 65?

  1. No, you do not lose your benefits but there is an important change that takes place. You are required to apply to purchase MEDICARE PART B and give proof to CalPERS Health Benefits Division by sending them a copy of your MEDICARE card (Part A and Part B). Your current health plan becomes supplemental to MEDICARE (80/20). You should hold on to your current ID card to be used to purchase prescriptions.


Will I still have the District paid Dental and Vision benefits at 65?

A. When you reach 65 years old, the District will no longer pay the premium   for your Dental and Vision coverage. However, you can continue to have the coverage at your own expense under the COBRA law for a period of 36 months.


What happens at the end of the 36 month period?

   A. There will be no further provision for the Vision coverage. However, you can  continue with the Dental coverage by requesting enrollment into the lifetime Dental Plan (AB-528) designed by the California State Assembly specifically for  retirees.